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   Chapter 1673 Expectation

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At this point, Rocher took a single step to the side.

Obviously, Rocher could not turn himself into lightning, so he could not move as fast as Xenia on the Heaven Earth Board like lightning.

While this might be true, he did not need to move like that.

He merely needed to take one step.

And that particular step was remarkably known as the Flashing Step!

"I'm standing on the light and walking in the Flashing Step!"

As he giddily chanted, the speed of his step had already surpassed the speed of the lightning.

By utilizing this single step alone, he successfully dodged Xenia's attack in a matter of just a split second!

The two of them swiftly passed by each other, seemingly without a pause. If the time could freeze right now, people would not only see Xenia's stunned expression, but they would also discern that her finger was only a step away from Rocher. But since the speed of the Purple Lightning Body had reached its limit, even it was Xenia, she couldn't change her direction in time. Because her thought could not catch up with her lightning speed, she could only move straightly and was unable to turn quickly.

Consequently, Rocher could deduce Xenia's position ahead of time. He surmised she would definitely move in a straight line.

And if he was not fast enough to strike, it would be all in vain.

Because in a split second, Xenia would not limit herself to turn and dodge in another direction.

Luckily, Rocher's sword strike was also faster than lightning.

"Flashing Strike!"

In the entire universe, there were only a few people who were able to distinguish clearly Rocher's counterattack.

Most of them merely caught a flash, while some could not differentiate distinctly whether that flash was a sword light or something else.

Unbeknown to all spectators, a Supreme Lord who hid hundreds of thousands of feet underground raised his eyebrows in awe as he observed the scene.

This Supreme Lord was Supreme Lord Leroy. He was the Supreme Lord of the Demon Night, who owned a pair of sharp eyes like an eagle and ears that perched up a little too high, making them look quite animated.

Supreme Lord Leroy's power could not enter the top ten among all the Supreme Lords, but his visual perception could land him in the top three rankings.

"What a quick strike!"

Supreme Lord Leroy couldn't stop himself hollering with an amused look at his face.

This sword strike was like a flash of light.

It happened in the wink of an eye. As the light sparked, he timely executed the strike. And long before the light faded away, he had put back the sword into its sheath.

And within three seconds, everyone heard the crisp sound of a sword sliding into its iron sheath.

They all fixed their gaze at Rocher, who did pull his sword out a few seconds ago.

He made a quick strike a

were ranked around the two hundred sixtieth place.

He strategically did not show his power before, and his ranking was not high in the Illusion Battlefield, so consequently, people underestimated him.

Before Rocher fought Xenia, ninety-nine percent of warriors thought he would surely lose within just a second. For them, he was just an unknown warrior.

Some bankers even set up a gamble on how many moves Xenia would use to kill Rocher.

No one had expected that the battle would end like this.

This battle made so many gamblers lose a large sum of money. Rocher was such a dark horse. Those gamblers who lost everything all angrily cursed Rocher.

On the Heaven Earth Board, the white stones had tried so hard to make a "big dragon", but now it was damaged and broke by the black stones.

The 'variable ones' on the board got the upper hand, and the white stones which had an advantage over the black ones were now at a disadvantage.

Until this moment did Rocher slowly walk towards his own stone. He then smiled at Zen in the midair. There was expectation in his eyes.

As everyone was sensitive about his movements, they looked along with Rocher's eyes and saw Zen!

They suddenly remembered that Rocher had said before that his sword was not prepared for Xenia.

Seeing the provoking look on Rocher's face, they realized what he meant.

Was he looking at Zen?

They did not know that since Rocher had entered the Central Region, his target was always Zen. He never changed his target.

There was a period of time when the harder he chased Zen, the bigger the gap between them became.

But Rocher never revealed negative emotions, and he never had the thought to give up. He just cultivated quietly and tried his best to catch up with Zen.

Today, he was finally qualified to stand on the battlefield. He would naturally expect a battle between him and Zen.

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