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   Chapter 1672 Flashing Step

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As a Thunder Law beginner, one had to release life vitality into the weapon and shoot it at the enemy.

After reaching a certain degree of control, one could use thunder and lightning to encircle and temper one's body. For a martial artist, this was an easy task.

But the power of thunder and lightning circulated within one's organs—it wasn't a major problem, but it couldn't be channeled into his brain.

A warrior's soul was fragile and one could easily be injured from being struck by thunder. All martial artists that cultivated the Thunder Law had the power of thunder isolated right under their necks.

In the universe, there were many martial artists that could control thunder and lightning. But under normal circumstances, no one would bring these elements into one's own mind. No matter how powerful one's mind was, it was no easy feat withstanding the torment of thunder and lightning.

But at this moment, Xenia had actually completely turned herself into lightning.

Such was different from the lightning escape skill—with this, one could only hide within thunder and lightning.

The lightning escape skill could greatly increase a martial artist's flight speed. But this didn't mean that one could use lightning to move forward—lightning speed was nearly immeasurable as it traveled through space, after all.

The Mysterious Thunder World was similar to the Divine Flame World in that there were quite a few Thunder Law Creatures within it.

But up until now, no warrior had captured a Thunder Law Creature and lived to tell the tale.

These creatures were all incarnations of thunder and lightning—they came and went with a kind of speed that was impossible to simply catch up to.

In the history of the universe, there lived an eminent monk from the Blessed Buddha Land who possessed a Thunder Law Creature. It was said that this creature wasn't captured—the eminent monk used a Buddhist doctrine to transform it into his mount.

"Since this Xenia has completely turned herself into lightning, wouldn't that mean she also possesses instantaneous speed?"

"If it's really as fast as lightning, it's simply impossible to react to…"

"I've underestimated this Xenia."

The instantaneous speed…

In an instant, 900 lives were lost.

Such was the limit of speed in the universe.

Whether it was light or thunder, all were bound by this limit.

After Xenia completely transformed into lightning, she floated in the air. Even as her face was outlined by lightning, she was undeniably attractive.

"Here I am."

Just as she spoke her last word, everyone saw a flash of lightning.

A streak of long and narrow purple lightning bolts turned into a dragon extending across the Heaven Earth Board. It penetrated Rocher's body and arrived a

m off in a single move. Why is she stalling?"

"Why do I feel like she's afraid to strike?"

"How is this possible? The posture he's taking is the most basic sword drawing skill. It's fast but…how fast could it really be?"

The crowd was filled with doubt.

In truth, even Xenia, who had turned into lightning and was flying back and forth at high speed, was put in despair.

A strange feeling overcame her.

With her current speed, Rocher couldn't even see her clearly.

But from the very beginning, she had a strange feeling that Rocher was watching her closely. No matter how fast she was, this guy's gaze would always catch up to her.

Feeling a hint of danger, she didn't rush up to end the battle immediately.

But as she flew above the board, she could feel his gaze boring through her somehow, even from behind him.

This gaze caused Xenia to feel somewhat uneasy and uncomfortable.




As she continued to fly, Xenia also felt a trace of frustration.

The Purple Lightning Body also consumed a great deal of life vitality—she still needed life vitality to support her every movement. The sea of life vitality in her body was like a receding tide, rapidly decreasing.

A decision had to be made quickly.

With this thought, she suddenly made three moves on the Heaven Earth Board. Three purple streaks of lightning then formed a triangle, trapping Rocher within.

But she didn't rush to him from the front. Instead, she flew behind him, traveling through the air before pouncing onto the back of his head.


Rocher could have easily been killed in an instant.

But at this moment, he drew the sword in his hand.

A faint radiance was emitted from under his feet. As he stepped out of that radiance, a snow-white sword light flashed out from his hand.



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