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   Chapter 1671 Turning Into Lightning

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A man who had been away three days must be looked at with new eyes.

But Rocher's progress still surprised Zen immensely.

It hadn't been long since Rocher's ascension, so it was evident that he had already come upon an extremely valuable opportunity while he was on the savage land.

Zen could only wonder what kind of wonders the savage land hid to help Rocher improve so much in such a short amount of time.

Zen was not able to cultivate his sword intent to the perfection even after crossing the Hall of Causality and practicing his sword strikes with Supreme Lord Sword for a long time.

According to Supreme Lord Sword, Zen's sword intent was till defective.

This defectiveness prevented him from reaching the peak of the Emotion Closing Godly Way and achieving the ultimate sword intent.

But Rocher had displayed something extremely powerful yet equally mysterious just now. Not even Zen seemed to have understood this ultimate sword intent he had used.

Numerous purple thunderbolts, all loaded with devastating energy, rushed towards Rocher.

One thunderbolt would be enough to completely incinerate a Spirit Supreme Realm warrior instantly!

But when these thunderbolts went against Rocher's ultimate sword intent, they all exploded one by one.

These explosions were deadly as the bolts scattered into numerous, web-like currents of electricity in the air.


The Heaven Earth Board turned purple from the continuous thunderstorm. Gaping, ominous holes appeared in the sky one by one as the Heaven Earth Board was struck with a devastating storm of pure, electric power.


These thunderbolts were still unable to cause Rocher any harm.

The earth was struck again and again, but the area around the young man remained pristine and untouched.

Two-hundred and ninety-eight warriors and the entire universe were witnesses to this event.

The one-hundred and twenty-eight Supreme Lords were, of course, also watching. All of them were quiet and currently assessed the situation in front of them. They never thought that two warriors at the Soul Sea Realm could provide them with such an interesting and powerful show. None of them had ever imagined such young people already having that kind of destructive power.

But there was always time for surprises. What was unimaginable in the past could very well be the norm for the future.

"The more powerful these kids are, the more serious this round of crisis will be."

The coming world of chaos served as a catalyst. It was an event where people gathered all their resources and poured them into their fostered talents who were extremely powerful. These talents were all products of the universe's own, self-protective mechanism.

It had sensed an incoming crisis, one more devastating than before, and it needed equally powerful talents to counter this said catastrophe.

This fact had already been observed and confirmed by a number of Supreme Lords from the precious books that had been passed down from the last grand era.


The more talented and powerful the warriors of this generation were, the more serious the universe's crisis would be. None of them could even imagine just how terrible the crisis of the world of chaos would be this time.

Back then, Soul Sea Realm warriors had a

s why they sent in the second, stronger groups, far more superior than those dispatched earlier.

The Xuan Yuan Clan leader currently watched Rocher and slapped his own head, "Damn it! He is a Godly Genius!" he muttered to himself. It was then that he decided to personally recruit this promising young warrior.

It wasn't just him. The leaders of the other clans also thought the same thing.

Seeing her attack failed to elicit any reaction from Rocher, Xenia displayed an obviously unhappy expression on her face. What was she going to do now?

Rocher, on the other hand, didn't seem to be in any hurry.

His scabbard was still on the ground as he watched Xenia think of her next move.

This battle was an elimination round wherein the loser would have to go home while the winner would have a chance to have the Godly Plate. And warriors ranking among the top three would obtain better rewards. However, these things weren't that much of a concern as of the moment. The two simply concentrated on the battle happening between them right now.

They were both competing to see who was more powerful. Both of them refused to rely on any underhanded tricks or schemes to ensure that they both fought with fairness. That was the only way either of them could be convinced of the oncoming result.

Xenia stood there thinking for a while before eventually straightening up and looking at Rocher with a determined expression, "Alright. Let me try this."

She held out her palm towards Rocher. There was a brief flash of light as bolts of lightning erupted from each finger.

The electric current was like a deadly extension to each of her fingernails.

The lightning bolts also connected to each other, spreading over her hand like a webbed electric flipper. Soon enough, her fingers began to transform into electricity itself.

Then her arm, her shoulders, until her entire body was a pulsing, crackling, lightning bolt.

Xenia's blood and flesh were nowhere to be found. Rocher's opponent was now pure electricity.

He could barely make out a face and body from the electric current.

Right now, no one could tell whether Xenia was a high-level Law Creature of the Thunder Law or a warrior.

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