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   Chapter 1670 Ultimate Sword Intent

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After hearing what Rocher said, many martial artists thought that he was quite arrogant.

However, Zen simply smiled and nodded. After all, he was no stranger to Rocher's personality.

Rocher was not an arrogant person. Since he said so, he must be self-confident.

While a Godly Genius was definitely a powerful being, there was no set rule that said that Godly Geniuses were truly invincible beings.

Being a Godly Genius just meant that one could follow a Godly Way and comprehend the great internal momentum within it. Although the internal momentum was highly powerful and had surpassed the heavens' limits, it didn't mean that it couldn't be broken.

Rocher was already this confident even when he was still at the nature level. Zen just didn't expect that he would still be the same until now.

From there, it could be said that some people just had certain traits since birth. Even though they were sharpened by the many hardships they had experienced, their nature wasn't bound to change.

Meanwhile, Xenia grinned upon hearing Rocher's words.

She wasn't even angry.

On the contrary, she just sized up Rocher with a strange look in her eyes.

There were many talents in the Celestial Position race. Any warrior lucky enough to join them were considered as core disciples in any tenth-grade sacred place. However, they were actually just like a lion's tail in the Celestial Position itself.

Xenia had never sparred with martial artists of her same generation.

Still, the warriors from the same generation as her in the Celestial Position were always wary of her. It could be said that their cautiousness had a hint of fear.

She hated that look.

Xenia understood her own background growing up. She already looked strong on the outside, and she had even gotten the golden title of 'Rakshasa' of the Celestial Position to boot.

Yet, she knew deep inside that everyone else around her thought of her as a monster.

Their seriousness and politeness combined with estrangement made it difficult for her to be close to others.

Therefore, her master was her only companion as she grew up, then there was an endless sea of loneliness. This girl had been surviving alone in a short span of twenty years, but deep inside she yearned for normal friendship from everyone else.

She even wished that she was an ordinary person instead.

If she was an ordinary girl, she'd grow up in a boudoir, have loving parents, maybe even marry a loyal and diligent person and live a simple, short life.

However, her fate was destined to be different since the very beginning.

No one spoke to her after she was sent to the Celestial Position race, so they put her in the thunderstorm space of the Celestial Position. There she received the endless support

forefinger towards him, then pointed it towards the ground.


"Ten directions' lightning annihilation..."

Her lips curved into a smile again after she spoke and said, "If you don't pull out the sword now, I'm afraid you won't have another chance."

Her words were followed by numerous purple thunderbolts that appeared continuously on the Heaven Earth Board.

The thunderbolts looked powerful enough to destroy the whole world, and they rapidly charged towards Rocher all at once!

However, there was no fear in Rocher's eyes as he faced the incoming thunderbolts head on. He simply stabbed the sword in the ground.

"Your Thunder Law is very strong, and the power of your internal momentum is already beyond the power that exists in this universe," Rocher said. He smiled faintly at Xenia and continued, "I know that the essential difference between a Godly Genius and an ace talent is their internal momentum. If someone took away your internal momentum, you would only be just as strong as an ace talent...

To others, the internal momentum is almost impossible to resist," Rocher said as he shook his head. "But to me, it's almost useless."

Rocher leaned on his long sword after he spoke. A tiny bit of sword intent from the sword scabbard floated.

Rocher had not yet activated his sword intent, but his sword intent had started to leak out on its own.

When Zen saw the sword intent, he finally understood where Rocher's confidence lay.

He also didn't expect that Rocher had actually comprehended the ultimate sword intent in the past few years.

The ultimate sword intent had become a sort of a limitation in the universe. If he were to advance a bit more, it would surpass the current round of heavens.

Therefore, to a certain extent, Rocher could also be considered as a being on par to a Godly Genius.

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