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   Chapter 1669 Fighting Without The Sword

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The Saint Lord of the sacred place was overjoyed when Rocher made it into the top ten thousand.

As a great power of the human race, the Thoughtless Minds was actually four large divine kingdoms, and the four great clans acted as its emperors.

The sacred places under its command were considered to be subjects of the four clans. The Thoughtless Minds was completely different from the Humanity Alliance in terms of structure.

And because of this, the four great clans would be given all the resources and they would then allocate these resources.

The fact that this tenth-grade sacred place had cultivated a talent who was now in the top ten thousand was completely beyond the Saint Lord's expectations. He would be able to take advantage of this fact to obtain more resources and rewards from the four great clans.

But they had never expected Rocher to improve his ranking once he became one of the top ten thousand warriors.

He had succeeded in entering the second stage.

And then, at last, he entered the final stage, becoming one of the participants battling on the Heaven Earth Board.

This brought joy to many warriors of the tenth-grade sacred place.

It even attracted the attention of the Saint Lords of two other tenth-grade sacred places.

It was a pity that the black stone under Rocher's feet had not been moved onto the board yet. This made them increasingly anxious and they wanted now more than ever to watch him battle.

What they hadn't expected was that Rocher would get onto the board at this critical moment. If he was defeated at this time, he would be eliminated immediately.

They had also not expected that Xenia would be Rocher's opponent!

Xenia was the star of the Celestial Position, born within thunder and lightning.

All of the ace talents present were legendary figures.

And Xenia's background was especially exceptionally miraculous.

The Mysterious Thunder World, one of the many worlds in the universe, was filled with a violent power of thunder.

And no one had set foot there in all these years.

It wasn't because they were afraid of the thunder. In fact, the more strange and dangerous a place was, the more likely one would get a great opportunity. There were often countless warriors who went to such places to find opportunities and train to become stronger.

The Divine Flame World was one of such places. This world was not suitable for living, but many warriors would risk their lives to enter it and obtain secret treasures.

The risks were often proportional to returns.

The Mysterious Thunder World, on the other hand, was special because of the fact that a Mysterious Thunder Beast was sealed within it.

It was said that about eighty million years ago, six Supreme Lords had joined forces to seal this Mysterious Thunde

ber of the Cloud Hall.

Letitia had secretly observed Rocher back then. If there weren't any big surprises, he would be promoted to the position of hall leader once his cultivation base was high enough.

But Rocher's ambitions were not limited to the Cloud Hall or even the Central Region. He had even greater ambitions.

Rocher had disappeared since he had left the Central Region. It was only after Letitia had flown into the Upper World that she came to know that Rocher had actually ascended to the Upper World, and that he possessed such powerful strength.

At Rocher's reply, the warriors of the tenth-grade sacred place of the Thoughtless Minds erupted into a discontented chaos.

But their dissatisfaction wasn't of great importance. The help they had extended to Rocher hadn't been great. They had just let him use their ascending passageway.

Rocher ignored Xenia's confused gaze.

With one hand on the scabbard, he slowly drew the sword out, revealing the snow-white blade.

"I'm not going to use this sword to fight you," he said. Rocher then stopped unsheathing his sword before smiling. "If you have the strength, you can force me to unsheathe my sword to resist you."

Everyone was stunned.

Judging from his words, Rocher didn't plan on drawing his sword even while fighting Xenia.

He proved it by sliding the sword back into the scabbard.

But he was facing a Godly Genius, not an ordinary warrior! And Xenia was the Godly Genius of the Celestial Position!

"Why is this guy so confident and how does he dare say those words to Xenia?"

"What on earth is the Cloud Hall? What kind of a force is it? There seems to be no such force in the universe!"

"This fellow will be in great trouble. I'm afraid that Xenia will torture him to death!"

Every warrior in the universe who was witnessing this scene thought Rocher to be crazy.

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