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   Chapter 1668 Xenia Luo

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The fact that the first martial artist had been eliminated didn't attract much attention from the eyes of ordinary martial artists.

It was quite normal for a martial artist to be eliminated in a fight or a battle. After all, there had to be a loser, for there to be a winner.

However, there were many martial artists who began to question the rules that governed this Heaven Earth Board. Using this method of eliminating martial artists seemed to be utterly baseless, and it was impossible to select the real best martial artist.

For example, the fact that the ogre warrior named Norvin had been defeated three times in a row without being eliminated, was considered unfair by other warriors.

However, the combatants and spectators didn't realize that this battle was just a prelude of the universe's future. This age-old play had very little to do with fairness in the end.

On the contrary, the Supreme Lords in the universe paid special attention to this tricky matter.

The first ace talent who had been eliminated…

His name was Gael.

He was the best warrior from the Spring race.

The Spring race was a small and unknown race, and they couldn't even be considered a second-rate race. However, an ace talent had been born in this insignificant race. After all, this race controlled only three supreme worlds. These three supreme worlds were extremely poor and mostly barren, so no major force was willing to occupy such a strategically unsound territory.

"Could it be... Could it be that the crisis of this round of the universe is due to arise from such a small and unknown race?"

Within the Humanity Alliance, Supreme Lord Healum muttered as he surveyed the black and white stones.

"It's such a small race, the Spring race. Our Humanity Alliance can easily destroy them with the combined strength of just a few tenth-grade sacred places. Do they even have the ability to trigger a crisis?" Yolande asked in confusion.

Supreme Lord Healum smiled and said, "This kind of small race is nothing to fear, but… They may not have the ability to initiate a crisis, but a crisis might break out from their side in any case."

How would this crisis then happen? So far, no one had an inkling how it would happen.

It could be a silent, apocalyptic plague that not even Supreme Lords could fight against; it could also be a destruction on an eradicative scale due to the fall of the stars; or, it could also be a war instigated by an ambitious schemer from some greater forces. A storm started with a small drop.

Given the speculations of many Supreme Lords, their gazes all turned upon the Spring race.

If they were to start speculation about this race, they would very likely deduce a probable result. According to this result, they would then be able to set up their defenses in advance in order to overcome the predicted crisis.

The stones on the Heaven Earth Board were still falling down one by one, forming a strange linear pattern.

The white stones which were 'definite' seemed to have a stable basis, and they already occupied a large area on the board. As for the black stones, which were 'variable', their line had become jagged and was cut into pieces by the white stones.

As the warriors became more familiar with the rules, the way they fought changed as well. After all, the warriors' motto was adapt or die.

These martial

the Godly Genius of the Celestial Position was cast onto the board, the hand hovered over Zen.

Seeing the intention of the hand, Zen's eyebrows twitched. "It's me?"

However, with an index finger extended, the hand ultimately went directly over Zen's head and grabbed a warrior not too far away from him, Rocher!

"So it's Rocher who gets to fight her," Margaret said softly, a tinge of relief in her tone. No one wanted to duel against a Godly Genius and face the real possibility of being eliminated.

"Rocher..." Zen's brow creased slightly.

This was not good news.

He knew that the increase in Rocher's strength had already caused a qualitative change, but he wasn't sure if it was enough to win victory for Rocher.

Those Godly Geniuses, although they were also Soul Sea Realm warriors, had completed the full bloom of their Mahayana Lotus Flowers. If they did not die, they would have a high chance of becoming True Gods. And most importantly, they had already begun to comprehend the Godly Way, so their understanding and use of the Godly Way were far superior to normal warriors.

If Rocher were to face Xenia, the odds were heavily stacked against him.

When Rocher saw the concerned expression on Zen's face, he smiled at Zen before his black stone was held down to the board. He was still indifferent, confident, and full of the heroic spirit of a true warrior.

And at this very moment…

A flurry of conversation erupted from one of the tenth-grade sacred places of the Thoughtless Minds.

Rocher had ascended to a tenth-grade sacred place of the Thoughtless Minds, and thus he had become the hope of this sacred place.

Never in his dreams had their Saint Lord ever imagined that a martial artist, who came from this sacred place, would actually be able to stand within the top three hundred.

The entire Thoughtless Minds was subject to the rule of the four great clans, while their tenth-grade sacred places were merely subordinate to the four great clans. The warriors who had qualified to enter the top three hundred were the ace talents and Godly Geniuses of the big clans; while, the rest of the ace talents of the tenth-grade sacred places had failed completely.

However, Rocher was the only exception.

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