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   Chapter 1667 The Rules Of Elimination

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When Zen pulled out the Saint Killing Spear, the faces of the other martial artists drained of color.

The spear was one of the top three supreme divine weapons on the Universe Spirit Tablet. It was the symbol of the Demon Night.

'Isn't Zen a sword cultivator?

Why did he switch to use a spear so suddenly?' they wondered.

Zen hadn't stayed in the Upper World for long. But the fact that he was in the Humanity Alliance had already been dug up by many people, as was his performance in Passing the Torch.

The Humanity Alliance had probably released the news on purpose, with the intention of proving to the other races in the universe that Zen was a part of their Alliance.

But Zen did not care what others thought of him.

The Saint Killing Spear had been returned to his space ring after one thrust.

Every other living being in the universe had heard of Zen's name, but this was the first time they were seeing him in action.

It was true that Zen had killed Norvin, an ogre ace talent. But the Saint Killing Spear was so famous that many would think he had won because of the spear and not because of his true strength.

Zen went back into the air and stepped onto a black stone. Close by, a white stone began to float towards him.

On this white stone stood a slender woman from the Demon Night. Quiet and elegant, she was a little less spirited compared to the other women, but also more dignified.

As she floated up to Zen, she stared at him and said, "Friend, please return the Saint Killing Spear to us. It belongs to us and is the Demon Night's most sacred item."

Zen smiled.

He knew that the Saint Killing Spear was extremely important to the Demon Night. But the problem was that they were in the Illusion Battlefield.

The Saint Killing Spear he was using was not the original spear itself but just a projection. But he knew that there was a high chance that he could take the s

h Board and the battle continued to unfold.

Three hundred ace talents was a small number, but it still took a great deal of time to finish the matches one at a time.

Ever since Zen had fought on the board, he had never gotten another chance to fight. On the other hand, Margaret had battled twice, and she had won both times using the Purple River Sword Array, which had been enough while she handled an ace talent.

It was the thirty-fourth round when one of the three hundred martial artists was finally eliminated.

All the black stones on the board had now surrounded the white one, causing the martial artist on the white stone to fight with all his might. If he won, he could still stay on the Heaven Earth Board, and if he lost, he would be eliminated.

But he had still been defeated and became the first among the three hundred warriors to be eliminated.

And even though Norvin had faced continuous defeats, he escaped elimination because the stone he had stepped on wasn't being trapped.

This meant that if his stone wasn't cornered when placed on the board, he wouldn't be eliminated irrespective of the outcome of the match.

But if a warrior's stone was blocked on the board, he HAD to fight for his life, because if he lost, he would be eliminated.

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