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   Chapter 1666 Spear Strike

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Truth be told, Norvin was not so weak. He was, after all, an ace talent of the ogre race.

It was just that he had been too careless in the earlier two battles. He knew he was no match for Nathan in the first battle. But he didn't expect Nathan to kill him with just one palm strike.

While in the second battle, his opponent was Lone, the not-so-famous Otherwordly Swordsman. Norvin had wanted to turn the tables around, but he was instantly killed by Lone with a single strike of his sword.

Actually, if Norvin had adopted a defensive position and fled from his opponents as fast as he could in the previous two battles, he would not have been struck down by them with just one move.

No doubt there was a gap between a Godly Genius and an ace talent, but not to such a huge extent.

As Norvin had lost two battles, he was very cautious and he had laid down two defenses in a row.

He cultivated both body and life vitality. The Magic Glowing Protection belonged to the life vitality system—he used his life vitality to activate the large drum to form the Magic Glowing Armor. He also used his forceful energy.

It could be said that it was the perfect combination of forceful energy and life vitality.

The outer layer of the Magic Glowing Armor was tough, and the inner layer was hard as well. An ordinary warrior would not be able to penetrate it.

However, Norvin was unable to showcase its full potential.

This time, all of the ace talents and Godly Geniuses had taken the best treasures of their races into the Illusion Battlefield.

The giant drum that Norvin had taken with him was one such treasure. It was called the Magic Spirit Drum. It was a supreme divine weapon and ranked 405th on the Universe Spirit Tablet.

The weapons in the hands of this group of warriors were indeed extremely powerful, but they were unable to use them in their full potential.

Generally speaking, if one wanted to use a supreme divine weapon in its fullest power, one would need to be at least a Spirit Transformation Realm warrior or a world lord.

Even if the Magic Glowing Armor only operated at 10% of the Magic Spirit Drum's strength, it was not something that could be easily shattered with brute force.

With the armor in his possession, Norvin believed that Zen would not be able to break his defense using just his bare fists.

If he was to be killed three times in a row by human warriors, it was undoubtedly a great humiliation to this ogre ace talent. He would rather commit suicide! Only by killing himself

in front of the Ogre Ancestor Statue could he atone and wash away the shame he had brought to the ogres.

When he felt the aura from within the Magic Glowing Armor, Zen became serious. He was pondering over what would happen after his punch.


t Killing Spear!" remarked someone.

"How did it end up in Zen's hands?" asked another.

"The Saint Killing Spear is the Demon Night's most precious treasure, and the queen of the Demon Night is by his side. But she couldn't have passed it down to Zen, right?"

"Humph. I heard that the Queen of Killings is only a soul now. Where did she even get the Saint Killing Spear from? This spear must have obviously been preserved within the Demon Night."

Meanwhile, inside the Demon Night, Elena stared coldly at the Saint Killing Spear in Zen's hand. A ruthless expression was visible on her face as her gaze landed on Malachi, who was beside her.

" queen..." Malachi stammered and knelt down on the floor.

Elena was in the same faction as Malachi, and there was also a bloodline connection between them. Back then, she had supported Malachi's father, Gunter, to become a Supreme Lord.

"The Saint Killing Spear was accidentally snatched by Zen in the Illusion Battlefield," Malachi explained quickly to quell his queen's fury.

Elena shook her head and sighed, "It's only a projection of the spear. It's not important, but let me tell you something: you let me down!"

Losing the Saint Killing Spear in the Illusion Battlefield was no big deal as the real spear was still in her possession. However, all of Malachi's Illusion Points were taken away and he failed to make it to the second stage. This was what disappointed Elena.

The two groups of Demon Night warriors supporting her were almost completely annihilated in the Illusion Battlefield, while the Godly Genius groomed by the Queen of Life had a smooth journey and might rank high.

However, that Godly Genius belonged to the faction that followed the Queen of Life. Elena always wanted to control the entire situation, and so she was not pleased when such a thing happened.

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