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   Chapter 1665 Defensive Stance (Part Two)

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As she yelled that, the faces of the ace talents and Godly Geniuses present all revealed a superlatively strange look.

These warriors did not give credence to the private matters of others. They had not paid much attention to the intimate relationship which Margaret and Zen shared. They felt it strange because they had thought that the two warriors had only met here in the Illusion Battlefield and it was too soon for them to be so intimate.


Looking at the confused expressions on the faces of the warriors, Rocher couldn't help but laugh.

Even the girl in pink turned to look at Margaret in bewilderment. However, her face was blurry and her expression remained indistinct.

As for those in the outside world, the gathered warriors were also discussing this development among themselves.

"Is that woman Zen's wife?"

"They both made it to the top three hundred. This is too strange to be a coincidence!"

"Ah, Zen is so lucky. How can a country bumpkin that ascended from the Lower World have such a beauty by his side?"

"Humph, they most likely hooked up recently in the Illusion Battlefield. A woman, who so easily hooks up with a man, is most likely not of fair virtues!"

Countless warriors were discussing this development. There were those who sighed, those who admired, and even those who despised the couple for it.

When Preston heard Margaret's voice resonating from the Illusion Space, he immediately glanced over at Letitia.

Letitia looked away and cursed in a darkly muttered voice, "Shameless!"

Preston felt a faint smile spread on his face. He had lived for so many years. How could he not understand this situation?

Since even the Saint Lord of thei

gh this perfect but cowardly defense was very humiliating, he used it since he was truly afraid of being crushed. Even though he might lose again, he didn't want to lose in just one move again!

As he watched Zen's punch come crashing down on him, he hurriedly beat a retreat while fiercely defending himself.

"Tear him apart! Norvin, you are the ace talent of our ogre race. How can you be so cowardly?"

"That brat did not even put his life vitality into that punch. What are you afraid of?"

"I think Norvin shouldn't have been chosen to participate in the Illusion Battlefield this time."

As this scene spread to the outside world, it made countless ogre warriors turn sour and restless, and they all angrily scolded Norvin.

In the midst of these curses, Zen had already moved closer. No matter how fast Norvin retreated, he could never be faster than Zen.

When Zen's similarly unremarkable punch broke through Norvn's defenses and landed on his arm, Norvin's expression changed. At this moment, Norvin didn't know who to curse anymore, and contemplating surrender, he could only curse the heavens for his misfortune.

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