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   Chapter 1664 Defensive Stance (Part One)

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Norvin had now lost two battles.

At this moment, he had become exceptionally cautious.

He didn't know the full depths of Zen's strength; however, he had already lost both battles in just one move, which had extinguished much of his previously cocky fighting spirit.

At this moment, Norvin was no longer hoping for success.

Of course, if he could win against Zen, that would be wonderful. But knowing that he might lose again, he could only hope that he wouldn't lose in a single move again, like he had in the previous two confrontations.

So, the instant that he stepped onto the Heaven Earth Board again, he brought out his supreme divine weapon, that huge drum.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

The moment that he unleashed the mighty drum, it began to emit rhythmic sounds.

The sounds of the reverberating drum were not created by Norvin hitting the drum, but they were the sounds of the beating heart inside the drum.

As the sounds of the drum echoed forth, Norvin also let out a full-throated cry.

The protective life vitality which wrapped Norvin's body also fluctuated in accordance to a pre-determined rhythm, and it transformed into a layer of black scales that formed a shining armor, superimposed over his body.

"Magic Glowing Protection!"

This move would strengthen Norvin's defenses to the maximum.

An ogre's body was already incomparably strong. After the Magic Glowing Protection was applied, the degree of his body's brutality was now equal to that of those thick-skinned legendary beasts which were feared by most warriors. He would now be exceptionally difficult to beat.

But even this was not enough!

Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom!

Immediately following this, there was an urgent staccato of drumming.

"Magic Glowing Wind!"

With this, Numerous, formless gales surrounded him, creating a living torn

deducing the implications within this. Although he had not reached a conclusion yet, he had a faintly dire premonition that this did not bode well for the ogre race.

He tried to make the calculations carefully and find countermeasures to deal with the unseen crisis lurking in the world of chaos.

Zen stood where he was and judged the situation for a while before walking towards Norvin, who had taken enough time to prepare. Apparently, Zen was very confident in himself.

"Zen is going to attack his opponent," Rocher murmured. Fondly touching the long sword strapped to his back, he had a faint smile on his handsome face.

'Has the gap between us narrowed or widened? Can I win against him? Can I beat him?' he pondered and hoped that there would be a chance for him to engage Zen in combat later. He was eager to find out what a fight between Zen and him would be like after so many years.

He wasn't in a hurry, though. As long as he could win his battles in the meantime, sooner or later he would have a chance to duel with Zen.

"Zen, all the best!" Margaret shouted. After she shouted this encouragement, her long eyelashes blinked twice, and she then changed her form of address. "Honey! You can do it!"

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