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   Chapter 1663 A Game Of Chance

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The power in that sword strike was beyond anything Norvin had ever imagined and it caught him off guard!

Nathan was a Godly Genius and his Mahayana Lotus Flower was in perfect state. Thus it was expected that he could send out an extremely formidable palm print which contained the force of great way.

The Otherworldly Swordsman, on the other hand, was an ace talent whose Mahayana Lotus Flower had not yet reached the perfect state. Hence he could not have stepped into the Godly Way just yet.

Norvin underestimated the Otherworldly Swordsman and that was his biggest mistake. The moment he attacked, Norvin wasn't prepared. He didn't expect that this seemingly ordinary Otherworldly Swordsman could release such immense power!

His body started trembling and he was having trouble catching his breath. For the first time, he felt scared for his life.

The Otherworldly Swordsman was just an ace talent, but the power that he released was far greater than Nathan's.

Norvin could compare Nathan's comprehension of the Godly Way to a newly sprouting seed, while the power of Godly Way that this Otherworldly Swordsman had put into his sword strike was like a full-grown tree.

This analogy, however, was based solely on the comprehension level of the Godly Way and had nothing to do with physical power and strength.

But no matter how much Norvin thought about it, he still couldn't figure out how such an ace talent could harness this incredible power.

Unfortunately, he wouldn't get a chance to find out.

As the ordinary sword strike drew closer, Norvin was pushed to the edge and had no room to dodge. It pierced through his body and his blood slowly poured out from where the sword struck.

The Otherworldly Swordsman had cast a contemptuous glance at Norvin. And when he was certain that the latter was done for, he had withdrawn his sword and returned into his stone.

"Norvin from the ogre race has been defeated!"

Many ogre warriors from different sacred places including the Supreme Lords and world lords were the rowdiest in the crowd during the fight between Norvin and the Otherworldly Swordsman. They were not in a good mood when he had lost in his last battle, so this time, they cheered on him from the top of their lungs.

But as the news of his second defeat was announced, they became silent trying to comprehend what just happened.

No one could believe that Norvin was defeated for the second time.

Meanwhile, the humans especially those in sacred places of the Thoughtless Minds were cheering with excitement and overflowing joy.

"One move! It just took one move for the Otherworldly Swordsman to defeat Norvin! That's incredible!"

"I knew it! The Otherworldly Swordsman is a supernormal talent. Although he is an ace talent, he can be at par with the Godly Genius when he uses his mysterious iron sword!"

"Ha-ha. I'm not sure how Norvin would move on from this! This time, he is a disgrace to the ogre race!"

The warriors from the tens of thousands of sacred places in the Thoughtless Minds couldn't help but feel proud.

Aside from them, the Humanity Alliance and the Blessed Buddha Land also felt overjoyed. This was a glorious moment for the human race. Who would have thought that this ogre would be defeated by a human ace talent?

These moments had bridged the gap between humans from different worlds and statuses. For a moment, their seemingly divided worlds were united. Chaos was set aside, and harmo

e rules and mysteries that would await them in the battlefield.

And Norvin wasn't fond of surprises especially when it came to battles. He didn't like the uncertainty there was in this stage.

He was just defeated by the Otherworldly Swordsman in a battle when suddenly, the stone under his feet was once again gripped by the giant hand!

Norvin was dumbfounded! He wanted to oppose the decision, but he knew it would only be pointless.

Unable to resist, he could only hope that his next opponent would be somehow inferior to him. He would be at the disadvantage if he faced the Godly Genius. However, he also didn't want to fight the weakest opponents as it wouldn't be any much of a thrill.

With a long face, Norvin could not help but just watch the giant beautiful hand in front of him pick his opponent.

The giant hand landed on another black stone.

'Another human warrior?' Norvin's eyes widened as he glared at the human warrior. His body froze and his hands began to tremble. He was afraid of facing a human warrior again.

Finally, the mysterious girl's voice announced the players.

"Norvin of the ogre race versus the human warrior—Zen Luo."

'Zen Luo?'

Norvin was shocked. He felt like the stars were conspiring against him!

The universe was so vast that not all remarkable ace talents were known to all the races. Most often than not, these remarkable ace talents were only known by their own races. That was why Norvin didn't recognize the Otherworldly Swordsman at the beginning.

But Zen was different from them.

His name was known in almost the entire universe. There was no living creature that had not heard of his name—the humans, the ogres, the Demon Night members, the members of those insignificant small races, and countless ordinary mortals were all familiar with his name.

Even the fierce beasts and animals with high intelligence knew his name. They could also hear and understand his words.

After all, he had the Roaring Token. Whenever he would speak through this, his voice could spread throughout the whole universe and all intelligent living creatures in the universe would hear and understand him.

But despite his fame, only a few warriors had seen his true strength. Those warriors were either the ones he had faced before or his dear friends.

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