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   Chapter 1662 Terrifyingly Strong

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Nathan casually struck the ogre martial artist with the most ordinary palm print.

Once he'd made the palm print, he turned around and left without taking another look.

There were countless different kinds of palm prints in the universe such as the Blessed Buddha Land's Anti-Demon Palm Print, the Immeasurable Palm Print, the Diamond Palm Print, and so on.

So it was surprising that the palm print that Nathan had used was the most ordinary and unremarkable one. It was condensed from the life vitality within one's body and could be released by any martial artist.

However, Nathan was still Nathan.

Although he had used the most ordinary palm print, his palm print still contained the aura of a great way!

When the ogre martial artist saw the palm print hovering over his head, he naturally wanted to dodge. But before he could take a step forward, he realized that he had fallen into a trance, unable to move and unable to resist.

This was the power of the way.

The 3000 Godly Ways were 3000 great ways.

Each way had a different set.

The Godly Way that Nathan practiced was a well-kept secret.

This was because the Xuanyuan Clan that Nathan belonged to was a very unique clan. Out of the four great clans of the Thoughtless Minds, the Xuanyuan Clan was the most powerful one. In the other three clans, which included Lucille's Clan and Janet's Clan, Godly Geniuses had been rare and even didn't appear in some generations.

In other words, the other three great clans only had ace talents and no Godly Geniuses.

But in the Xuanyuan Clan, Godly Geniuses kept coming into being. What was more, each Godly Genius of the Xuanyuan Clan was born with a different Godly Way.

Obtaining a Godly Way, such as the Ji Clan's Five Elements Godly Way, was considered an amazing thing as it rarely happened in other clans.

But every time a Godly Genius was born in the Xuanyuan Clan, they would train in a different Godly Way. The various beings in the universe could never understand why and never would, as the Xuanyuan Clan had always regarded their Godly Ways as the greatest secrets of the clan and would never reveal them to the outside world.

Originally, many people had wanted to force Nathan to make a move and see what kind of Godly Way he cultivated.

But as his palm print came down, although it obviously contained the power of the great way, they could only tell it was the simplest life vitality palm print; it was truly impossible to distinguish his Godly Way.


The big palm print covered the sky above the ogre martial artist and slammed into him.

picked another human warrior.

This human warrior wielded a dark-colored sword. It was the ace talent who had died once before because of Zen—Lone, the Otherworldly Swordsman.

"This time, my opponent is finally somewhat normal!" A dark and cold expression appeared on Norvin's face. He was no match for Nathan, but he was not afraid of ordinary human ace talents.

Lone had only earned fame recently, and that too only within the Thoughtless Minds. Other races and forces were not familiar with him, not to mention that he had lost five million Illusion Points because of Zen. And with his own twelve million Illusion Points, his ranking was not high at the first stage.

As a result, he was inconspicuous.

Only those who were from the Thoughtless Minds knew...

Although Lone was an ace talent now, he definitely had the terrifying power to fight a Godly Genius himself!

A cold smile appeared on Norvin's face. He wanted to return the humiliation he had suffered to this ace talent in front of him.

As the two stones were relatively close to each other this time around, Norvin was the first to make a move when Lone was just placed down on the board.

He immediately struck with his strongest move.

"Immeasurable dark power!"

The supreme divine weapon in his hands was a giant drum, and within the drum was a heart, a powerful heart that had been beating for tens of thousands of years.

However, just as he revealed his strength, Lone expressionlessly slashed out.

This sword strike was similar to Nathan's palm print, in that it was just as simple and just as unstoppable.

When Norvin saw the incoming attack and felt the hidden might within it, he couldn't help but curse in a low voice, "Damn it!"

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