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   Chapter 1661 Praise

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Margaret no longer hesitated at this moment.

She was already very proficient at the Purple River Sword Array.

At the third stage of the array, which was called the 'Meteor Shower Array, ' she ordered her seven flying swords to make a joint attack on her enemy.

Four years ago, her master had told her that the power of the Meteor Shower Array would allow her to fight most ace talents from large races.

"Master, what is an ace talent?" she had asked her master back then.

"They are the elite warriors with the greatest potential from the large races."

"Are they even stronger than Zen?"

To that, her master had only rolled her eyes and hadn't said anything in reply.

According to the Celestial Position's estimation of Zen's talent, Zen did have the potential to become an ace talent, but whether he could defeat the other geniuses still remained uncertain.

As for Margaret, she had already been able to fight against an ace talent four years ago by virtue of the Purple River Sword Array. Now, she was even stronger after mastering the Gods Killing Sword Array.

It was a pity that she didn't care about martial arts at all.

She had neither realized nor appreciated her great potential and strength.

But there was one thing she understood at this moment.

She either had to choose to avoid the battle or to end it quickly.

Of course, she had no way of escaping from a battle on the Heaven Earth Board, so she decided to kill her opponent as quickly as possible.

It was a pathetic result for Ulysses from the Saya race. He didn't even have the chance to unleash his full strength before he was trapped and killed by Margaret's Purple River Sword Array — not that it mattered, of course, considering the large gap between their true strengths.

Even if Ulysses were to use his most powerful skill, it would only be a small obstacle for Margaret.

The battle between Margaret and Ulysses was the opening match of the third stage and thus had attracted everyone's attention.

Unfortunately, this battle was far from exciting.

Margaret's negative attitude at the very beginning had taken many people by surprise. But all of a sudden, she turned the tables after revealing her surprising strength and defeated the ace talent from the Saya race quite easily.

Even Zen hadn't been able to understand what was going on in Margaret's mind, let alone the rest of the audience who didn't know her well.

In fact, Elder Apeiron might be the only one who could have understood the girl's strange actions and know her reasons for behaving the way she did.

Of course, to the Saya race, this result was like a slap on the face. They had never expected that this delicate human girl, who had been dodging attacks all over the place in the beginning, would defeat Ulysses so easily.

The Saya people stood silently under their huge totem. Even the light emitted by their totem had dimmed a bit. Theoretically, their ancestors' souls had already turned into a kind of will and had been observing


The battles continued.

As the black and white stones kept being added to the board in every round, the number of stones left on the board slowly increased.

Zen, however, still hadn't been chosen to fight.

When the 22nd round came, the ogre warrior was selected again by the huge hand.

Interestingly enough, his opponent was once again a human warrior.

This time, it was Nathan!

Nathan was the so-called number one Soul Sea Realm warrior in the universe, undoubtedly an important figure in the whole grand era and the famous Godly Genius from the Thoughtless Minds!

When he stepped onto the stage, all of the human warriors that were watching through the Illusion Space began to jump for joy. They knew how this round would turn out and they could barely contain their excitement. After all, the ogre warrior had it coming.

At the same time, the atmosphere around the ogre warriors who were watching the battle became tense.

After all, Nathan's reputation was not only known by the human race.

Since he was a Godly Genius, he would be able to grasp a Godly Way and had the possibility of becoming a True God!

There were only a few Godly Geniuses in the entire universe, and Nathan was known to be the strongest one among them. There was no need to mention how famous he was in the universe.

After the black and white stones were set on the board, Nathan stepped off his stone.

His face was completely void of emotion as he slowly walked toward the other side of the board at a steady pace.

As for the ogre warrior who had previously provoked the human race, it was obvious that he knew that Nathan was not an opponent to be trifled with, because his face was filled with caution. He understood that he wouldn't stand a chance against Nathan, but as an ace talent representing all ogres, he wanted to do his best at least.

It had never crossed his mind that there would be no time at all for him to display his full strength.

Nathan defeated him with just one hit.

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