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   Chapter 1660 Admit Defeat

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A strong killing intent surfaced on Margaret's elegant features.

Purple River Sword Array…

Her master had told her that the Purple Power World was an independent world and did not belong to the universe.

It had once been the cultivation place of a True God and was a world that he had created himself. However, the rules of the heavens could not reach the place, so the Purple Power World could only be considered a broken plane. Things such as Roaring Tokens and the Illusion Space which contained the Law of Causality could not be passed on to the Purple Power World.

The Purple Power World had inherited the general sword array, which was the Colorful Sword Array…

The Colorful Sword Array was indeed powerful, and any girl with the Purple Power Body could cultivate it.

However, other than the Colorful Sword Array, there were three more powerful sword arrays in the Purple Power World.

One of them was the Purple River Sword Array, which could only be cultivated by women with a Purple Power Body at least at the third rank. Four thousand and two hundred warriors in the Purple Power World could cultivate this sword array.

The second of the three powerful sword arrays was known as the Two Modes Sword Array, which women with a Purple Power Body at least at the second rank could cultivate. Over eighty women in the Purple Power World could perform the array.

The last one was the Gods Killing Sword Array, which was the legacy of the True God who had created the Purple Power World. Until now, the only one qualified to inherit his sword array was none other than Margaret herself. That was to say, only Margaret was able to cultivate this sword array and she was the only one who had successfully mastered this sword array in the entirety of the Purple Power World.

Ever since Margaret had entered the Illusion Battlefield, she had not used these three very powerful sword arrays.

In the previous fights, she had only used the Colorful Sword Array as a defensive maneuver against the attacks of her opponents…

Margaret was not a person who liked fighting. Ever since her childhood, she never liked swords or sabers or the like. Even though she came from a martial family, she was more interested in needlework and cooking.

Just now, she had been completely flustered and put in a passive stance.

However, while Ulysses had been forcing her back all the way, she became more aware that if defeated by him, she would probably be wiped out from the battlefield. Not only would her master be disappointed, but it was possible that she would not be able to accompany Zen here…

In truth, even if she lost in this battle, she would not be eliminated. However, Margaret was ignorant of this.

When the purple river in the sky spread out, the many ace talents on the stone

t now, he should be invincible. However, the purple river turned into a whirlpool, trapping him within it.

"I refuse to believe that I can't break this sword array!"

Ulysses roared out once again. The two totems floating in the air rotated faster and faster, and the radiance on his body grew brighter.

However, after being trapped in the purple river, he discovered that the sword array could be as firm as a rock, or as soft as jelly. He had no way of breaking free at all. Annoyed, he cursed himself for being so easily trapped by Margaret.

Upon seeing this, many of the other ace talents stared at Margaret and her sword array, their eyes full of dread.

In their eyes, although Ulysses of the Saya race was an ace talent, he was not a very powerful one…

Still, this girl, Margaret, had easily trapped him within her sword array. The power of the sword array itself was extraordinary.

"Now... You can be the one to admit defeat," Margaret said to Ulysses in a low voice as she stepped out of the sword array.

Defeating the person in front of her had not been too difficult a task, but there was no happiness on her face, as this victory was completely meaningless to her.

"I haven't lost yet!"

Ulysses could not accept this result.

Because the warriors of the Saya race worshipped and believed in their ancestors, they attached great importance to honor.

After all, in their hearts, their ancestors were always by their side.

Margaret blinked, her fingers enacting a profound sword tactic. Her face was marred with exasperation. "Then I will change the sword array again..."

The third transformation of the Purple River Sword Array began and a cold killing intent burst out from the center of the purple river.

The seven swords suddenly reappeared and transformed into a gigantic sword shadow, chopping down at Ulysses' head…

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