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   Chapter 1659 Ulysses

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In the Saya race's grand sacred place, a giant totem was erected.

An Illusion Space was present at the bottom of this massive totem. The picture appearing from the Illusion Space manifested in front of the totem.

At this moment, hundreds of thousands of Saya members sat around the totem, gazing at the giant picture in front of them.

The Saya race could only be considered a second-class race in the universe. Only one Supreme Lord had appeared in the race and there had never been a True God. The entire Saya race relied on the Supreme Lord, and struggled to support themselves in becoming one of the first-class races.

However, compared to the first-class races such as the human race, the Demon Night race and the ogres, the Saya race appeared to be very weak.

But today, the most outstanding talent of their race had ascended the peak of the Illusion Battlefield.

It was a rare opportunity for the Saya race to rise in the universe. This talent was like a precious seed that would eventually grow into a giant tree. Sooner or later, he would become the new protector of the race. He might even become the first True God of the race.

"Ulysses' first opponent is a human woman!"

"He's pretty lucky that he hasn't run into any of those Godly Geniuses."

"This woman doesn't seem to have any fighting spirit. Hah! Ulysses is bound to win the battle."

Hundreds of thousands of Saya members began to discuss it among themselves, their words like a chant. It was akin to the buzz of bees. The atmosphere around the giant totem thrived.

Under this massive totem, the chief of Saya race raised the pike in his hand and held it parallel, a gesture for the others to keep quiet.

The Saya members fell silent as the chief howled, "Our ancestors will bless the Saya race!

They will bless Ulysses!

Their souls will never die!"


The Saya members echoed at the same time.

The giant totem was the Ancestral Totem of the Saya race. Upon the death of the warriors of the Saya race, their flesh would be burnt away, but their souls would remain forever.

The Saya members had poured the souls of their ancestors into the Ancestral Totem. The totem was unable to protect the souls from being destroyed, but with the infusion of countless ancestral souls, it contained the will of many ancestors.


At the same time, on the giant board, the two totems behind Ulysses' back emitted faint lights.

Holding the black pike in his hand, Ulysses had a faint smile on his face. "Father, you're too nervous. You have summoned the ancestral power in the first battle for me, but I don't actually need it."

When the ancestral power was summoned, all totems of the Saya warriors were able to transmit the strong power.

However, the ancestral power was not only owned by Ul

the old woman behind them, Elder Apeiron.

When Elder Apeiron saw this scene, she shook her head. However, no trace of worry marred her features. Instead, she said, "She's acting impulsively. Perhaps she needs some time to get used to it."

'The woman's sword array is nothing good, but her escape speed is first-rate!'

Ulysses thought. His pike pushed and prodded, easily breaking the sword array, but Margaret had already retreated tens of thousands of feet.

Seeing this, Ulysses sneered. From one of the totems behind his back, a brown halo of light spread out.


A loud and clear condor cry sounded.

Activating the ancestral power, he now had the speed of the Magic Cyan Condor.

His two hands spread out, transforming into a condor's posture. He formed illusions in the air and drew closer to Margaret. The black pike once again closed in. At the same time, he had a serene expression on his face. "With this level of strength, I think it's best for you to humbly admit defeat."

Margaret, who had retreated tens of thousands of feet, looked up at the condor that was charging at her. A grave expression entered her clear eyes.

Earlier, she had not been mentally prepared.

Her only goal in the Illusion Battlefield had been to meet Zen. Now that she had achieved that, she no longer wanted to fight anyone.

But now, not matter how much she wanted to back down, the person before her was still going to defeat her, or even kill her.

It was useless to blindly give in. Moreover, at this moment, she remembered her master's instructions. It was not important that she got a rank; she just wanted to do her best.

She could not get eliminated in the first round itself.

As she thought of this, Margaret's pupils widened. The seven flying swords turned around at the same time and shot into the sky, forming a surging purple river.

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