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   Chapter 1658 Have No Fighting Will

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The pink figure danced gently in the air and descended slowly like a fairy in an illusory world.

Just like Zen, the entire universe knew of this mysterious girl's existence.

However, they had no idea about her origins, goals, or even where she existed outside the Illusion Battlefield.

Like Zen, the other warriors also wanted to see how she looked, but her outline was blurry and her exact appearance wasn't clear.

When the pink figure floated to the edge of the board and came to stand before everyone, she waved her hand and a number of black and white stones appeared around her.

These stones were about ten feet in diameter and floated in the air, drifting towards the three hundred warriors.

"Ladies and gentlemen, please step onto the stones,"

the woman in pink said, her voice rather stern.

People discovered that the voice came from the sky above and not from her.

It was likely that this pink figure was not a real person but just an illusion.

But she was still the host of the Illusion Battlefield, and as the sound of her voice faded, each of the three hundred warriors stepped onto a stone.

Margaret did not want to be separated from Zen, but she had no other choice.

Those who were really paying attention, noticed something.

The three hundred warriors had earlier been split into two groups within the purple pillar of light. One group of warriors had fixed fates, while the other group had unfixed fates.

And right now, the stones beneath the warriors with fixed fates were all white, while those beneath the warriors with unfixed fates were all black.

Although Zen was in neither of these groups, he was standing on a black stone as well.

Whooshing sounds could be heard everywhere, leaving onlookers surprised and confused.

The moment everyone stepped onto the stones, they were sent flying into the air by the woman.

The warriors that stood on the black stones were on one side, while those on the white stones were on the other. The woman was floating in the middle.

This was the final battle of the three hundred warriors in the Illusion Battlefield.

But to the woman, it was within the variables and determinants that she had to deduce the destiny of this round of grand era.

The great crisis that broke out during any round of grand era was usually a grand competition that used the universe as a board and countless creatures as stones.

She had no way of knowing where the crisis would come fr

cities in the Illusion Battlefield. Her aura hadn't been strong in the first place, and she looked like a delicate human girl. So naturally, she had been ambushed a number of times.

Her mind had been extremely stable and filled with fighting spirit. Whoever stopped her from finding Zen would become her mortal enemy, and thus, she would be like a goddess of death, killing a terrifying number of warriors.

But right now, all she wanted was to stay by Zen's side. How could she have any fighting spirit?

Now that she was forcefully dragged into the fight, she had no choice but to make a move. It looked like she was being forced into a corner.

When the Saya warrior saw that his first opponent was a delicate woman without any fighting spirit, he smiled, satisfied.

The Saya race had been silent for too long. This ancient race was only a second-class race in the universe.

If he took first place in the Illusion Battlefield this time, obtained a Godly Plate, and became a Godly Genius in the future, he would lead his race to glory once more.

Thinking of this, the Saya warrior rolled his shoulders in preparation.

Two thin totems emerged from behind his shoulders, an ancient aura emanating from them.

The Saya race was also an ancient race, and they believed in their ancestors.

Each generation of the Saya race was accumulating power for the next.

As the son of the Saya race's 36, 330th chief, he could obtain great power from his ancestors.

'I only need to display twenty to thirty percent of my power in the first match, ' he decided as he faced Margaret.

He then pulled out a black pike from behind him.

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