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   Chapter 1657 A Double-Edged Reward

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Through his rigorous hard work and cultivation, Rocher was able to ascend to the Upper World.

But before ascending to the Upper World, Rocher didn't disaffiliate from the Cloud Hall. So, in a way, he could still be considered as a Cloud Hall disciple.

In the Cloud Hall, Rocher was under Letitia's wings. In other words, he was her disciple.

Still, Preston of the Pure Jade Sacred Place could not believe every word Letitia had said.

But looking at her face, he could see no sign of deception, not even a stutter when she spoke.

Yet, he still had reservations about Letitia's story. Out of these three hundred people, it was astonishing that three came from the same great world.

Meanwhile, Letitia was in awe. Although she was not from the Upper World, she knew that these three hundred people were the most outstanding warriors at the Soul Sea Realm.

Since she was from the Lower World, she had not clearly understood the significance of these three hundred ace talents for many races, the glorious future they would have, and the resources and effort required to nurture an ace talent.

Preston, on the other hand, knew this quite well.

Even a tenth-grade sacred place like the Pure Jade Sacred Place didn't have enough resources to nurture an ace talent. Thus it was still not qualified to cultivate one.

As Letitia turned to look at Preston, she noticed the skepticism on his face. She cleared her throat to get his attention and then bluntly said, "Zen is also from Cloud Hall. And just so you know, he is also my disciple."

This caught Preston off guard. He felt as if Letitia saw through him and sensed his doubt.

He froze and got lost in his thought. When he finally came back to his senses, he asked, "If you don't mind, can you tell me how Cloud Hall is ranked?"

If Preston remembered it right, Lower World didn't have any sacred place above the eighth grade.

"Well, it is considered as a sixth-grade sacred place," Letitia humbly replied.

The Cloud Hall was acknowledged as a sixth-grade sacred place given its current status in the Central Region.

"I see…" Preston said.

In the Upper World, a sixth-grade sacred place was considered as an ant – small and unspectacular. The Pure Jade Sacred Place had countless small sacred places in its jurisdiction that were at least in the eighth grade.

So with that said, a sixth-grade sacred place like the Cloud Hall was not even qualified to be a subordinate of the Pure Jade Sacred Place.

And if someone like Preston would personally visit a sixth-grade sacred place, its Saint Lord would probably kneel before him and welcome him with open arms.

But how could two warriors from a sixth-grade sacred place like Cloud Hall be in the top three hundred of the Illusion Battlefield?

That thought had left Preston puzzled. He still couldn't figure out how such a bizarre thing could happen.

Letitia just ignored Preston and continued to stare at the illusions outlined on the Illusion Space. At that moment, she suddenly remembered the time when Margaret had entered the Purple Power World with her mysterious expression. Back then, Letitia didn't think much of Margaret, but it turned out that she was ready to surprise the univ

Godly Geniuses in this grand era, so this round of the heavens is in your favor and will give you the greatest chances. If you don't make it to the top ten, you will still be strengthened. The basis of that will be on how you strengthened your statues in the second stage,"

the mysterious girl's voice continued. After the warriors heard this, their faces were filled with surprise and joy.

Back in the second stage, they put all their Illusion Points into their statues.

Their Illusion Points strengthened their statues in terms of power, soul, or some law. The warriors that had put more Illusion Points were able to strengthen their statues to the maximum.

They had initially spent tens or even hundreds of millions of Illusion Points that greatly strengthened them.

Now, their own bodies would be strengthened based on the Illusion Points that they had initially invested.

No one had expected to receive such a reward.

When Zen heard this, he was equally delighted and surprised as the rest of the warriors.

He knew that his statue was far stronger than that of others. It could be said that his statue was as strong as himself. So, could that mean that the enhancements would also be applied to himself?

"Surely, those who make it to the top three will also receive other rewards. But I must warn you that the more rewards you receive, the heavier your burden will be."

Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!

As soon as the mysterious girl's voice was done speaking, a huge square board measuring a million feet long and wide appeared in front of them.

Before the warriors could react, something happened.

A pink shadow appeared in the middle of the board!

The warriors couldn't make out the face of the shadow, but when it spoke, they knew it was the host of the Illusion Battlefield.

Zen also stared at the figure, trying to figure out the identity of the mysterious young girl. The figure appeared to be using an unknown technique. Whenever Zen quickly glanced at the figure, he could tell that it was a graceful lady. However, when he looked carefully, the figure would become blurry and could hardly be distinguished.

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