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   Chapter 1656 A Place With Many Talents

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The mysterious young girl looked at Zen through the layers of clouds and the purple light. Her eyebrows were knitted together, her expression of stunned disbelief.

"Zen is without destiny!"

There were few warriors in the universe who didn't have a destiny, and they always went through a slew of terrible experiences.

The common folk didn't know how the man without destiny had appeared, but the mysterious young girl was very clear about it.

A living being was always born with its fate predetermined and none in the universe could escape its destiny.

To become a warrior without destiny, one had to be someone who didn't come from the heavens or someone with a firm belief. They had to have experienced many cycles of life and death to erase their own destiny.

But what was Zen's purpose of becoming such a warrior?

The mysterious girl was lost in deep thought, thinking about Zen's request to find Yan.

Zen was confused at the mysterious girl's words.

Evolutionary Fifty?

Did it have anything to do with the fifty supreme worlds in the Illusion Battlefield.

Separate one into two? One is variable, and another one is definite?

Why did people have to be divided into two sections? What was the purpose?

At the moment, there were two hundred warriors with definite destiny and ninety-nine warriors with variable destiny.

Margaret and Rocher were warriors with variable destiny, while Nathan was one with a definite destiny. It was obvious that the division was not based on a warrior's strength.

"Since I'm one without destiny, does that mean I can't be considered to be a warrior with variable fate?"

Zen found this entire matter of destiny to be too mysterious. He couldn't immediately figure this out, so he simply stopped thinking about it.

Perhaps there was some invisible force in the universe that secretly set everything right for him.

But Zen would only act according what his mind and beliefs told him.

He could live compliantly if his destiny conformed to his wishes and plans.

But if his life came into conflict with his expectations, then he would, without a doubt, revolt against it.

And then, suddenly, the pyramids that the names had formed at the top of the Illusion Spaces began to dissipate.

The light from the stars in the sky had also been withdrawn from atop of the various supreme worlds.

All Soul Sea Realm warriors, apart from those three hundred warriors, returned from the Illusion Battlefield.

Letitia stared at the collapsing pyramid, her eyes flashing.

"Is the competition in the Illusion Battlefield over?" she asked.

Preston smiled and shook his head. "The most important part of the Illusion Battlefield is to strive for being a top warrior. This is only the beginning. But you'll see more than just names soon."

"I can also see Zen, right?" Letitia asked, her eyes narrowed.

Preston nodded. "According to the usual practice, yes. But I don't know if Zen has been eliminated or not. The second stage of the competition in t

ese two were a rare couple who had cultivated together and had simultaneously been ranked in the top three hundred?

"Look! That must be Zen!"

"Margaret indeed has an eye for having chosen such a remarkable man! That guy is pretty handsome!"

"Margaret is regarded as the ace talent in our Purple Power World, so of course, the one she takes a fancy to must be the best!"

Since the Purple Power World had a special interface, it was impossible to construct an Illusion Space there.

This meant that many warriors of the Apeiron Tower had to leave the Purple Power World and go to another supreme world to watch Zen.

Preston couldn't help but ask out of curiosity, "Do you know the woman beside Zen?"

"Margaret Xi," Letitia replied icily.

Letitia had known that Margaret was among the top warriors, but seeing this with her own eyes filled her with disappointment and sadness.

"Oh? You know this woman? Where is she from?" Preston asked one question after another, his curiosity growing by the minute.

"She's from the same great world as I am," Letitia answered resignedly.


Preston exclaimed, stunned.

Of the three hundred warriors chosen in the Illusion Battlefield, two of them were from the same great world!

This coincidence brought Preston to the point where he couldn't make sense of the situation.

In the three thousand supreme worlds of the Humanity Alliance, only four warriors had had the chance to enter this stage of the Illusion Battlefield. Zen was one of them.

How was it possible for two warriors from the Lower World to get this chance? This was inconceivable!

"Do you mean to say that Zen and Margaret come from the great world that you ascended from?" Preston asked, wanting confirmation.

Letitia was not in a good mood. She pointed to one of them and said perfunctorily, "Why is it that amazing? The sixteenth warrior on the right is Rocher Hua, and he also comes from the same great world as me. He is one of the disciples of my Cloud Hall."

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