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   Chapter 1655 Evolutionary Fifty

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In fact, Lucille was a fan of Zen's.

She used to be addicted to narratives. Because Zen was a good storyteller out in the universe, she was attracted to his yarns. Listening to his stories in her rest time had become one of her hobbies. She would while away hours listening to his stories.

She had listened to all the stories Zen had told during these past few years. Whenever Zen's voice rang out, she would even stop cultivating to listen to him telling stories for several hours.

These stories were all told to a mysterious girl, and, like the rest of the universe, she knew she was just a random listener.

She would never have expected that the man in front of her was Zen.

Besides her, the other warriors were also surprised, and they couldn't help but curiously look Zen up and down. They wanted to see what the mighty Zen, who had killed several Supreme Lords looked like, and if there was anything special about him.

Most of these warriors were curious about Zen, but some of them secretly harbored a killing intention behind their studying looks.

The ace talents and Godly Geniuses present were all at the top of their game, and were thought highly of by their own clans.

They were either the direct descendants of the Supreme Lords, or those guided by the Supreme Lords. After their talents were discovered, they had been valued by their clans. The four Supreme Lords Zen had killed before were all related to these warriors, so they naturally regarded Zen as their enemy now, since he had killed their clan members.

Zen did not seem at all bothered by their hostility, and he talked happily with Rocher in a low voice.

All of them had been waiting here for about an hour already.

During this time, Zen was listening to Rocher relating what he had experienced in the past six years in the Lower World and the Upper World.

Margaret's experience during these few years could not be spoken of in the same terms as Rocher's experience. She had only cultivated in the Purple Power World all this time. She had never left the Purple Power World.

However, Rocher was different.

From crossing the Chaotic Ocean of Stars to traveling in the four divine kingdoms, his experiences were thrilling and exciting.

The most important experience was the time when he was on the savage land. With the aid of something great that Rocher had gained there and his own talent, he had made such a great achievement.

As for what the great thing was, Rocher did not tell Zen the details. Zen naturally would not question him too closely, for that would have been rude.

Everyone had their own secrets, and Zen understood that Rocher must have a reason why he did not want to explain.

In fact, Zen had searched for that information in the memory of the great world's will. The great world's memory recorded everything that happened every second of every day, and he could search for information by using a thought.

However, when Zen was trying to search for the information, he found that the great world's memory of this part was blurry. It seemed that so


As they rose up to a certain height, the mysterious girl's commanding voice was heard by everyone of the warriors.

"Of the Evolutionary Fifty, only forty-nine are useful. Of the Evolutionary Fifty, separate one into two. One is variable, and the other one is definite!"


The three hundred warriors continued to slowly rise up vertically.

But right now, everyone's rising path began to change.

Many warriors were flying to the left side of the light pillar. "The left side is definite, you can't change your fate!"

A few others flew to the right side of the light pillar. "The right side is variable, your futures are limitless."

About two hundred warriors had been moved to the left side of the light pillar. They were surprised and disillusioned when the mysterious girl announced that their fates were unchangeable.

However, there were ninety nine warriors at the right side, and their fates were changeable. Their destinies were, according to the mysterious girl, limitless.

"Eh? What's going on? Why is there one warrior missing?" the mysterious girl wondered aloud.

Since the mysterious girl had hosted the Illusion Battlefield from the beginning, her voice had always been cold, without any emotion. After all, she was the arbiter of the Illusion Battlefield. Except for the time that she laughed and joked with Zen, the others all felt she was indifferent and almost apathetic.

Noticing the strange scene, her originally solemn voice suddenly changed. These assembled ace talents all felt her tone was now strange, and they opened their eyes one by one, confused.

They were even more confused after they had opened their eyes.

Moments earlier, the mysterious girl had separated the warriors to two sides by defining their fates.

There existed only two kinds of fates. One was variable, and the other one was definite. However, there was one warrior still floating in the center of the purple light pillar.

The warrior floating alone in the center of the light pillar was none other than Zen!

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