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   Chapter 1654 Three Hundred Stars

Apotheosis By En Ci Jie Tuo Characters: 8675

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At the moment, the warriors in the blood-red hall were engaged in fighting with all their might.

Only a very small number were able to battle with relative ease.

Nathan was one of them.

He had in his possession a number of Illusion Points, so the statue that he consolidated was much stronger than those of the others. If he was eliminated, the others would probably be eliminated as well.

Nathan was like a living legend.

He had experienced many hardships since he was a child. When he was born, the stars were triggered by him. To the Xuanyuan Clan, this was an auspicious sign.

However, Nathan only belonged to a distant branch of the large Xuanyuan Clan.

This phenomenon, which had originally been an omen of fortune, had instead brought him great trouble.

One of the main branches of the clan had found his own in the shortest amount of time. They replaced Nathan with another baby and planned on drowning the real Nathan...

However, since Nathan was favored by the heavens, he possessed great luck that ordinary people did not have, even if he was just a baby.

Not only was he saved from getting murdered, he also grew up in a special environment. In the end, he became the Godly Genius of the Xuanyuan Clan and avenged himself on those who had harmed him in the past.

Although Nathan was confident, he was also full of distrust because of his complex childhood.

So far, he had been with no woman around him.

According to the rules of the four large clans of the Thoughtless Minds, once the Godly Geniuses and ace talents reached a certain age, they needed to get married. However, every suitable match was rejected by Nathan. Rumors were rife that he was possibly homosexual and only interested in men.

From not far away, he heard Margaret's words and sighed with emotion. He had never met such a woman before...

Wave after wave of beasts surged over.

Two thousand and five hundred warriors had been present in the three blood-red castles at the beginning, but now the number had started to drop rapidly.

Two days and two nights later, most of the warriors were exhausted. The beasts finally stopped their attacks.

At the moment, only three hundred warriors occupied the blood-red lobbies. About ninety-percent of them had been eliminated in this round.

The rules of the Illusion Battlefield were incomparably cruel, its final goal aimed at choosing the main character who could lead the world of chaos...

In the first stage, only two thousand and five hundred warriors among the trillions of participants could win and subsequently en

as Lucille, who had lost to Zen previously.

When she saw Zen, she strolled over to him as soft snowflakes fell around them. Her eyes were fixed on Zen as she said, "We meet again."

After entering the second stage of the Illusion Battlefield, Lucille, who practiced the One Soul in Two Bodies, had taken the opportunity to merge her two beings. The present Lucille was in her true and complete form, her temperament also slightly changed.

"Who is she?"

The moment Margaret saw Lucille's beautiful face, she held onto Zen's right arm tightly. Her eyebrows knitted together as she stared at Lucille with a wary expression on her face.

Noticing the intimacy between Margaret and Zen, Lucille was a bit surprised and guessed that they were in a relationship. However, she had no idea where Margaret had come from.

Before Zen could say anything, another warrior greeted him, "Zen!"

The warrior carried a sword on his back. He looked confident and energetic, with a pair of sharp eyes. He was Rocher Hua, who had finally reached the Soul Sea Realm.


A smile rose on Zen's face.

Meeting Margaret and Rocher here had come as a true surprise to Zen.

Of course, he was delighted at the pleasant happenstance.

Only after they heard Rocher call out Zen's name

did the other warriors realize that the person in front of them was Zen.

At this moment, both the Otherworldly Swordsman and Lucille, who had fought Zen before, were surprised.

Ever since Lucille had entered the Illusion Battlefield, she had triumphed over the others. She had only been defeated by Zen so far.

However, she did not expect the warrior to be none other than Zen, who often told stories through the Roaring Token.

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