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   Chapter 1653 You Owe Me A Wedding

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Although she knew that she was about to be eliminated, Margaret didn't feel heart-broken.

To the other geniuses in the Illusion Battlefield, this was a courageous battle for influence and power.

If they succeeded, they would get the responsibility of shouldering the fate of the entire universe. At the same time, they would also obtain endless resources and a promising future as the reward for it.

Right now, they were only one step away from reaching the peak of the entire universe. Anyone who was eliminated here and now would feel like throwing themselves off into a deep abyss.

However, this didn't apply to Margaret.

For her, all these trials and rewards were trivial matters.

After all, her goal had never been to compete with the countless powerhouses in the universe.

She had only left the Purple Power World to search for Zen. As for the expectations her master had for her... She didn't really care about them.

She had stood out from the trillions of warriors who were competing here, but her real goal was something that most of them would find hard to understand.

Despite her little interest in the Illusion Battlefield, she was admittedly full of regret as she was about to be eliminated.

She knew that the one she was looking for was in a nearby castle right now, but the rules restricted her from going there to see him. What a pity!

At that moment, a figure suddenly dashed past her, snapping her out of her trance.

The figure then stopped at her side, defending her statue behind him.

Puff, puff, puff, puff...

Several muffled sounds reverberated into the air as the wind blades collided against the man.

'Who is this guy?

Why is he blocking the wind blades with his flesh body?' she wondered.

Even an ace talent would be seriously injured if they tried to block the wind blades merely with physical strength.

She tilted her head and saw a familiar handsome face, with a soft smile hanging on his lips and captivating confidence flashing in his eyes.

For a moment, Margaret wondered whether she was in a dream.

Her mind was full of questions, and she was still in danger, but all these things no longer mattered to her now.

She stopped controlling her seven flying swords and they all fell to the ground with a clanging sound.

Without the protection of the sword formation, a group of Wind Dragons once again came at her.

If she didn't block their attacks, her statue would be torn to shreds at any moment, and she would be eliminated.

But she didn't care about that at all. The man standing at her side had her undivided attention now.

Taking no heed of anything else, she just threw herself into Zen's arms.

In these past few years, she had always tried to suppress her desire to pine for him, but her longing for him had never stopped even for a second.

What was worse, the more she suppressed her fee

ually survived the first stage of the Illusion Battlefield and, what was more, her ranking was higher than his. He almost felt a sense of defeat at the fact. He just couldn't understand what had happened to her.

Margaret smiled happily at Zen's question. She was pleased because she knew that it was finally time to tell him the whole truth.

She had concealed the fact that she had taken Apeiron as her master in the Purple Power World ever since Zen and Letitia's wedding.

Back then, she had been extremely disappointed and full of jealousy toward Letitia.

But at this moment, she was completely satisfied. Letitia might still be cultivating in the Lower World, but Margaret was here snuggling up to Zen. It was her victory! It was also the best reward for her hard work in the past six years.

She slowly explained everything to him in detail, telling him about every effort she had made just to see him again.

Zen was moved by everything that he heard from her.

He had never expected that Margaret would have done so much secretly, all because she wanted to stay by his side. He felt ashamed that he had never given her anything in return.

Margaret giggled as if she had read his mind. She looked into his eyes and said, "You don't have to feel guilty at all. Just promise me one thing!"

"What is it?" Zen asked curiously.

Margaret's expression turned utterly serious as she replied, "You owe me a formal wedding."

Zen stared at her, rendered speechless for a moment. But in the end, he showed no hesitation and nodded his head firmly in reply.

Margaret's obsession with this matter was so profound that it had affected every aspect of her life. She had had no dedication to martial arts from the very beginning; all of her efforts had purely been for Zen.

She smiled in relief when she finally got his promise.

She buried her face into his chest like a kitten, her eyes full of happiness.

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