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   Chapter 1652 Onlooker

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This statue seemed to have been highly reinforced and as a result had become impregnable.

Zen also felt surprised upon discovering this about the effigy.

Challenges in the blood-red castle might be a process of elimination, but the mysterious girl had helped him immediately strengthen the statue, making it utterly indestructible.

Given the hardness of the statue, it would prove difficult even for Zen to destroy it.

This left Zen feeling morose and bored.

During this process of elimination, he seemed to have nothing to do.

Wave after wave of beasts rushed into the blood-red castle like floodwaters, ready to overcome the warriors.

In the beginning, there were a large number of Nether Pangolins, and now countless Wind Dragons had also turned to the attack.

Zen's statue stood like an impregnable boulder, in the middle of the castle hall, and the beasts dashed themselves to pieces on its unassailable surface.

As for the other warriors, some were crushed by the vicious beasts or forced to run for their lives, and some could only try their best to hang on.

In the end, even Karl could not hold out!

After all, the vicious beasts became increasingly stronger. Although the sacred shield Karl had condensed was incomparably sturdy, it was also exhausting his will...

Zen sliced open the head of a Wind Dragon with a single slash, but his face was filled with boredom.

The first target of these Wind Dragons was the statues, and they wouldn't even dodge Zen's attack...

Zen would probably even be able to pass the first round of the competition easily without even striking a blowing. He'd already resigned himself to becoming merely an onlooker.

"This is unnecessary." Zen curled his lips down as a disappointed look appeared on his face. Although he knew that the mysterious girl had intended to help him with her kindness, it had also made him lose any chance of challenging these beasts.

Lowering his head to look at his space ring, he stretched out his hand and gently pressed down, making a selection. Accompanied by a flash of light, the Teleportation Token appeared in his hand.

Since Zen's statue was extremely hard, he could pass the first round of the elimination match without even taking any action.

With a flash of light, Zen was teleported into the strange space.

At this moment, the main cities marked in this space had almost completely disappeared, leaving only the three main red cities in the center. These were the three blood-red castles.

Without much consideration, Zen randomly chose one of the main cities and sank down to it.

Right now, the three blood-red castles were undergoing massive attacks from various beasts, and the warriors were constantly being eliminated as they were trampled, disemboweled, and ravaged by the savage beasts.

Of the 2, 500 warriors, more than 1, 000 of them were kicked out of this place and eliminated the moment that their statues were destroyed by the vicious beasts.

Although they were unwilling to leave, this was the rule of the Illusion Battlefield and they had to be eliminated if they couldn't withstand the beast attacks.


Accompanied by a burst of white light, Zen appeared near the top of the hall of the blood-red castle and heavily crashed down in a shower of dust and debris.

When the warriors,

t women, and even many men, who strove to be like Nathan.

As long as Nathan wanted to be with a woman, many talented and charming women were lining up to accompany him.

As a Godly Genius, he was the main character of this era. Who could oppose him?

However, Margaret had been the first woman that he was interested in. He had never expected that she would be so cold to him...

Being a haughty and confident warrior, Nathan truly believed that there was nothing that he could not accomplish.

"Young lady... It would be a pity if you are eliminated like that, after struggling so hard to reach this point..."

However, Margaret continued to ignore him. She could only sneer coldly at him and continue resisting the attacks from the Wind Dragons.

Not far away, another group of Wind Dragons began their assault run towards her.

With a twist of her long, thin eyebrows, she summoned the seven swords. Then they all realigned into a new spiral sword array, while Margaret dashed forward!

At the same time, she took up her statue, held it tightly against her body and began to retreat!

However, just as she started to back away, she saw several more wind blades catapulting towards her from the other side.

The Wind Dragons had long ago spread across the entire castle's hall. Once a Wind Dragon was killed, it would release the storm of wind blades. Everyone in this hall was in danger, because the wind blades could appear at any time, and they killed indiscriminately.

Many warriors had already suffered this awful fate and died because of this.

As she kept on retreating, Margaret suddenly felt shocked as she noticed something. Her seven flying swords had already formed their protective barrier between her and the Wind Dragons, but they seemed to not be capable of stopping the wind blades!

Noticing her impending doom, Margaret bit her lips, and her eyes contained both a resentful and disappointed look.

"Damn it. I almost met Zen. But now it seems as if it was all just a fruitless effort!"

If her statue was damaged, she would be eliminated. The realization of her dream to see Zen again would then be delayed!

However, right at this crucial moment, a figure lazily drifted over.

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