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   Chapter 1651 Carve Out A Path

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It wasn't strange for Zen to activate two Purple Stars.

Most people would be able to activate their second Purple Star after consuming all of their Illusion Points.

But not everyone could make the third Purple Star appear.

In fact, only the top twenty warriors of the Illusion Battlefield had enough Illusion Points to activate this third Purple Star.

Taking that into consideration, there were only around seven or eight warriors that could activate it in this blood-red castle.

"Look! That brat has activated the third Purple Star!"

a warrior remarked after noticing the statue beside Zen.

All eyes were immediately on him when they heard what the warrior said. There were quite a few gasps of surprise once they noticed that there was indeed a third Purple Star on Zen's statue.

"This guy... isn't he only around 70th in the rankings?"

"He's 77th to be more exact."

"That can't be right. His ranking is even below mine. He definitely has less Illusion Points than me but why can't I activate my third Purple Star?"

These martial artists had keen observations and had remembered clearly each other's rankings. The rankings were all based on the number of Illusion Points one had. All of them were aware and understood how the system worked.

There were a lot of warriors that were ranked higher than Zen but they weren't able to activate their third Purple Star. How was Zen able to do it then?

Unfortunately, not even Zen would be able to answer their questions.

Because even he, himself, had no idea how he did it.

Regardless, he did not really care what others thought. Zen remained unbothered as he continued injecting Illusion Points into the bamboo slips to strengthen his statue.

He had poured in a little over forty million Illusion Points before the purple light flared up once again!


A fourth Purple Star made its appearance on the statue's chest!

"There's a fourth one!"

"No way! How did he do it?!"

"He hasn't seemed to have injected that much Illusion Points..."

Karl also cast his gaze over at Zen's statue.

In fact, almost everyone was currently looking at Zen.

"Is he cheating?"

"Cheating?" "Cheating in the Illusion Battlefield? Are you kidding?"

"Well, if he didn't cheat, then how was he able to make a fourth Purple Star appear..."

Before they could even finish their words, another Purple Star appeared on Zen's statue.

Five Purple Stars!

In conventional conditions, condensing a fifth Purple Star would require roughly 250 million Illusion Points.

Not even the Godly Genius of the Celestial Position, who was ranked seventh, could achieve such a feat. How in the world was Zen able to do it?

Everyone stared at the young man in combined awe and intrigue. None of them really knew what to say at this point.

"There won't be a sixth..."

But before they could even finish their words, another purple light flashed and a sixth Purple Star appeared.

Zen remained expressionless as he stared at the sixth Purple Star that appeared on his statue.

He had a rou

also shot out and flew towards Zen like secret projectiles.

Zen had been a bit worried at first, not really sure if the reinforcements on his statue would really work. However, he breathed a sigh of relief when he saw the spikes hit his statue yet not leave any trace on it.

It seemed the ten Purple Stars on his statue were not just for show.

With this fact in mind, Zen controlled his statue, ordering it to rush out of the wind blades' protection and crush these Nether Pangolins.

It was relatively easy for Zen as he watched his statue clear a path from the castle's entrance all the way to the main hall without even lifting a finger.

The amount of Nether Pangolins was no joke as they quickly occupied the entire castle like a sudden tidal wave!

All the martial artists were busy protecting their statues, choosing to endure the impact of a pangolin's explosion rather than let their precious statues suffer any damage.

An unlucky warrior had accidentally driven himself to a corner and had his statue surrounded by dozens of Nether Pangolins. A chain explosion caused his statue to be blown into pieces, thus eliminating him from the battlefield.

Karl, on the other hand, was flourishing.

His statue was still fragile since he used all of his Illusion Points to reinforce its strength only.

However, it was currently protected by a translucent shield of light.

This light was Karl's "Sacred Shield of the Heart." It was a skill he comprehended wherein as long as his mind and heart lived, then his shield would never be broken.

With the Sacred Shield of the Heart protecting his statue, he could focus on brandishing the gigantic sword in his hand to slash at the Nether Pangolins that constantly came at him.

With everyone busy protecting their own statues, the sight of Zen's statue rendered them all speechless.

Zen hadn't taken any special measures to protect his statue, in fact, it was the opposite. He was using his statue to fight the Nether Pangolins and carve out a path for him to get through!

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