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   Chapter 1650 The Purple Stars

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The Illusion Points that they had gathered on the second stage no longer determined their rankings in the Illusion Battlefield.

Now, the elimination process had begun. If one's statue was destroyed, he or she would be eliminated straightaway.

Therefore, all the warriors would invest their Illusion Points into their statues in order to strengthen them before the end of the prescribed time.

They would have to spend 100, 000 Illusion Points strengthen their statues once, and even that wouldn't be enough.

No matter how strong their statues could become, it was obviously impossible to expect the statues to fight. They all knew very well that they would have to rely on their own prowess and skills in the upcoming battle.

So the warriors used their Illusion Points to enhance the defense of the statues. This was deemed to be the safest method. After all, the top 2, 500 warriors had absolute confidence in their own strength.

The statues were made from some unknown stone. As long as they didn't break, their owners would not face elimination.

A Purple Star had been engraved on the chest of every statue.

As the statues gained strength, the number of the stars would increase. When the warriors intensified their statues for 100 times, it meant they had consumed 50 million Illusion Points, and a second Purple Star would appear on the chests of their statues.

Most warriors had got over 50 million Illusion Points, and only those who were not above the 2, 000th rank had a slightly lower number of Illusion Points. Thus, after they had used up all the Illusion Points that they had been accumulating, a second Purple Star would appear.

While they were strengthening their statues, a warrior clad in heavy armor brought his statue to the second floor.

He had a square face and was kitted in extravagant equipment. In his left hand was an enormous shield, which was as tall as a man, while in his right hand he wielded a heavy silver sword. There was a wild look in his eyes, and his face looked as if it was carved out of stone. The statue behind him also held a similar shield and a sword.

Zen was engrossed in methodically strengthening his statue when he saw a white light flash from the corner of his eye. He turned to glance at the newcomer and his eyebrows went up imperceptibly.

The newcomer was ranked seventh in the pyramid.

Studying his heavy equipment, Zen was somewhat impressed by him. However, he didn't know which force this man belonged to.

When the man arrived, all the warriors began to whisper among themselves.

"Look, it's Karl Jiang from the Celestial Position."

"It's said that he's a lunatic!"

"Be that as it may, don't underestimate him. He's a Godly Genius of the Celestial Position."

When Zen heard these words, his heart skipped a beat.

So this mysterious man was a Godly Genius?

Now, Zen had already known that the Godly

ger. The other warriors held their breath as they stared at the scene in front of them.

Not long after, a fourth Purple Star appeared.

That meant Karl had at least 200 million Illusion Points in his kitty.

The top 2, 500 warriors were a proud bunch. Since they had risen to the top 2, 500, they believed that the disparity between them and the powerhouses before them wasn't too great.

However, Karl, who had over 200 million Illusion Points was only ranked number seven.

If that was the case, then how many Illusion Points did the warrior at the sixth place obtain?

How about the one at the fifth place?

And what about those in the top four?

At this thought, they all looked shattered as they realized how much of a difference there was between themselves and the ace talents and Godly Geniuses before them.

Their collective gasp attracted Zen's gaze.

"Does this guy really have 200 million Illusion Points?" Zen's pupils contracted slightly.

'Well, I know why, ' he thought to himself.

In the supreme world, he had obtained nearly 100 million Illusion Points, yet he was still unable to get to the first place. Obviously, the number one warrior possessed a lot of Illusion Points.

The warriors on top of the list were incomparably strong, and the disparity between them was like a yawning chasm.

A long time passed when Karl finally stopped strengthening his statue. The other warriors guessed that the number of his Illusion Points must be between 230 million and 240 million. It was less than 250 million, otherwise, he would have been able to get the fifth Purple Star.

Zen had also sped up his strengthening process now.

He was confused. The second Purple Star appeared very early, so he thought his even distribution had a bigger impact on the statue's strength level.

However, after he injected 20 million Illusion Points, a purple light flashed and the third Purple Star appeared.

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