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   Chapter 1647 Rocher's Rise

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Margaret didn't bother replying to Nathan—not even perfunctorily.

Being so proud and arrogant by nature, Nathan felt rather embarrassed by her indifference, although he wouldn't admit it.

As he watched her stare lovingly at the statue, Nathan's curiosity was piqued—he wanted to find out who this person was.

Since seeing Zen's statue put Margaret in a generous mood, she exercised some patience with Nathan.

"He… is someone I like."

Her eyes turned gloomy as they remained fixed on the statue.

In truth, she wanted to say that Zen was her husband.

But because they hadn't had any formal wedding ceremony, they weren't officially married.

Most martial artists didn't care about such formalities.

However, Margaret thought differently. Initially, she didn't care much for the formalities either, having accepted Letitia's status in Zen's heart.

But the circumstances had changed—Letitia might not have ascended yet, but she was here with Zen and she could always stay at his side.

Margaret had to rely on her own efforts to get Zen to make her his wife.

Such thoughts ran through Margaret's mind.

If anyone else knew what was running through the mind of her, a warrior who ranked in the top 50 of the Illusion Battlefield, their jaws would drop to the ground.

In the meantime, Nathan was growing more and more curious about the statue Margaret was fixated on.

"Miss, what is this person's name?"

In spite of his intentions to befriend Margaret, he didn't even know her name yet. Instead of finding that out first, he asked for the name of the man's statue—even he found his actions strange.

With a cold look, she offered an answer, "His name is Zen Luo."

The name made Nathan's eyes light up.

It was actually Zen Luo, who ranked 77th.

Never did Nathan think the statue would be of Zen Luo, someone with quite a reputation across the universe.

Nathan didn't know much about Zen and he didn't want to. In Nathan's world, among the young generation, only the few Godly Geniuses were qualified to be his opponents.

Even some powerful ace talents were no match for him.

As for Zen…

This guy had been talking incessantly in his ear. Even if he didn't want anything to do with him, he couldn't avoid the Roaring Token's sound.

Never did he imagine that this guy would enter the top 100 as well.

At 77th place, though, his rank wasn't something particularly special.

The few people like Lawson and some other Godly Geniuses were qualified to face Nathan, so to him, all the others were nothing.

"So he is Zen Luo." Nathan's expression came up indifferent. The haughtiness in his heart instantly surfaced once again.

How could Margaret not recognize the hint of disdain in Nathan's tone? Still, she ignored him and continued examining Zen's statue.


in another blood-red castle, a handsome young man walked briskly around the pyra

o enter the second stage. What would be truly shocking was if he didn't reach it.

After Seeing Zen's statue, the light in Rocher's eyes glistened even more brightly. The sword he carried on his back trembled slightly.

He was excited.

Aware that he was falling behind, he knew he had to strive harder to catch up.

Since the beginning, Rocher had poured his best efforts into catching up with Zen.

Even though he was still far behind Zen, Rocher wasn't discouraged in the slightest.

In his entire life, he had one goal. If he lost, he would persevere.

Whether or not he could achieve the goal in the end didn't really matter to him—he valued the process.

But in the end, he still managed to achieve the goal that seemed so impossible in the beginning.

After being left far behind by Zen, he finally caught up to him. He just couldn't gauge the gap between his and Zen's strength.

'Don't worry, we'll meet each other in the end, ' Rocher thought as he reached out a hand to press down the sword hanging on his back until it stopped trembling obediently.

He and Zen were just as much friends as they were rivals.

With that, Rocher gave a nod toward Zen's statue and went on, continuing to climb up the pyramid.

But just as he took a few steps forward, he came to another halt. Suddenly, his expression froze. Just like Zen, he stopped before Margaret's statue in surprise, though his shock wasn't as hefty as Zen's.

"I didn't expect her to reach such a ranking," he said flatly as he gazed upon the statue. Thinking about her relationship with Zen, the corners of his lips curled up into a smile—he wondered what kind of expression Zen would wear if he met Margaret.

Soon, a voice rang out across the three blood-red castles.

"Everyone, please stand in front of your statues…"

This mysterious young girl called the shots in this Illusion Battlefield—when her voice resounded, no one dared disobey.

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