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   Chapter 1646 Seeking

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Zen's body still felt stiff out of shock, and he reflexively wiped his eyes. He wondered if it was real or if he was just hallucinating.

The girl wore an apricot silk robe on top of a brocade dress that was embroidered with flowers, which hugged her beautiful figure perfectly. She emitted a cold and aloof vibe, but she still looked breathtaking.

"Margaret... She is even ranked 43rd. Is there something wrong?" Zen muttered with mixed emotions.

He'd never thought that Margaret of all people, would participate in the Illusion Battlefield!

Back then, she was even only at the Internal Elixir Realm.

Although she possessed the Purple Power Body, she never took a liking to cultivation. She even thought of the process as boring and her greatest enemy.

It could even be said that ever since the two of them had met, she had never focused on her cultivation even for a day.

However, how could she have survived here?

How did she rank in the 43rd place?

Was it just because of her Purple Power Body?

Zen couldn't find any reason, and just gave up trying to guess.

After Zen had been separated from Margaret for a few years, he had naturally missed her.

But, the woman he saw at this moment was greatly different from who she used to be.

Margaret had become even more elegant and mature in the last few years. She looked extremely charming and confident now. Zen didn't even recognize her at first sight.

"Is Margaret also in either of the other two blood-red castles?"

The thought of being able to see Margaret soon sent jolts of delight down Zen's body, and his eyes sparkled with anticipation.

If they happened to meet again, it would surely be a wonderful encounter.

All of this meant that three people from the great world Zen came from had managed to rank in the top 2, 500. Was it fate, or just a coincidence?

Meanwhile in another blood-red castle, a beautiful lady glanced around alone.

Margaret scanned the statues on each floor of the pyramid. The fabric of her clothes fluttered in the wind as she walked, her eyes full of nervousness.

"There is no Zen's statue on this floor..."

"His statue also isn't on this floor..."

She kept muttering to herself as she hovered in the air, her palms becoming increasingly shaky because of anxiety.

At that moment, someone had followed Margaret.

It was a warrior dressed in an embroidered robe who also flew up to tail behind her.

The warrior looked quite young and appeared to be less than 20 years old, but his eyes looked rather cold.

While Margaret observed the statues, the warrior stared at her all the time.

The first floor, the second floor, the third floor...

Margaret looked around floor by floor, and her disappointment grew. She pouted in annoyance and thought, 'The higher I go, the less likely I would find Z

re existence was a miracle in itself.

Even when he had to transcend the heavens and become a True God, he absolutely would not fail!

That was the strength of a Godly Genius.

Margaret was strong-willed, and her attitude aroused some kind of primitive desire to conquer her in his heart.

Nathan wasn't particularly fond of women. However, he was also a young man and was bound to be infatuated with a woman someday like other men. Right now he was the one attracted to Margaret, even though he couldn't explain why it was the case.

After a few more minutes of hovering, Margaret had reached the upper part of the pyramid. Her eyes suddenly lit up with pleasant surprise!

"He is ranked 77th! I knew it... I've always believed that you would come here! You definitely didn't let me down!"

She had finally found Zen's statue at the floor she currently stood!

Margaret didn't think twice and quickly rushed towards Zen's statue. She reached out and touched the statue's face, her eyes filled with affection.

This face had appeared in her dreams countless times in the past six years.

She'd imagined the moment when she finally met Zen too many times.

Now that she had found his statue here, it only meant that he was in another blood-red castle!

'There seems to be no way to go to another blood-red castle, ' Margaret thought as her eyes flashed. She had really wanted to fly to Zen's side.

However, the rules of the Illusion Battlefield prevented her from doing such things.

Nathan finally caught up to Margaret, who he saw was happily holding and caressing a statue's face. He pulled a long face when he saw that it was a statue of a man with delicate features.

He also felt a strong sense of disappointment, and he couldn't help but feel very frustrated.

"Who is that?" he asked flatly. He kept an aloof façade in an attempt to restrain his foul mood.

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