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   Chapter 1644 The Golden Door Of Light (Part Two)

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However, entering the Hall of Causality could be risky for any warrior. For those vying to be on the top 50 like Hailey and Janet, they would rather choose to rob other warriors of their Illusion Points instead of risking their lives in the Hall of Causality. They could also lose the chance of being part of the top 50 if they died in the Hall of Causality.

But as for Zen, even if he did die in the Hall of Causality and lost half of his Illusion Points, he wouldn't fall off the top 50 in this current stage.

On the other hand, if he did succeed, he could copy the Saint Killing Spear.

It was a risk worth taking.

'But will anyone still be willing to enter the Hall of Causality?'

Zen thought to himself. When he checked the iron ticket in his hand, he was filled with hope.

The iron ticket showed Zen that there were already nine warriors gathered in the Hall of Causality, and there was only one slot left to open the Hall of Causality.

These nine warriors were some of the low-ranking warriors who weren't willing to give up just yet.

However, with their current accumulated Illusion Points, they still would not be able to make it to the top 50. In that case, they had nothing to lose in risking their five million Illusion Points in the Hall of Causality in exchange for more.

Zen didn't want to lose the one slot to the Hall of Causality, so he immediately paid five million Illusion Points. This was a chance he didn't want to miss. And so it began.

With all the changes that had happened in the Illusion Battlefield, time seemed to pass by very quickly.

Just like that, six days had already gone by.

During these past six days, the intense battle in the Illusion Battlef

e merely lucky.

Among these qualified warriors, Margaret was probably the happiest, yet the most anxious one.

She was happy because she was finally able to leave this supreme world and find Zen somewhere else. She was even closer to him. She was worried that he wouldn't be able to enter the top 50 of a supreme world. That way, she wouldn't even have the chance to see him.

Amidst her mixed emotions, a golden door of light appeared before her. Her eyes widened in astonishment and with a gentle smile on her face, she stepped into the door.

The same golden door of light appeared in front of Zen too. 'This is it! The second stage begins! I can't wait to meet the people behind this door. They must be the strongest warriors in the 50 supreme worlds! They are probably the most outstanding talents in the entire universe, too!' Zen thought.

With this thought in mind, Zen felt extremely excited for the second stage and entered the door of light. He looked forward to the adventures that would await him in the second stage. Whatever was behind the golden door of light, surprises or dangers or both, he would face them all.

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