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   Chapter 1643 The Golden Door Of Light (Part One)

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The new rules of the Illusion Battlefield changed the course of the competition and caught everyone off guard. It took three days for the situation to settle down and for the participants to get used to the new rules.

Many warriors had already fled the cities the moment the rules changed.

The cities that used to be the safest places in the Illusion Battlefield became the most dangerous ones after the new rules were announced.

And with nowhere to hide in the cities, most of the warriors had retreated to the wilderness.

The greedy warriors took advantage of the new rules and wreaked havoc on the cities. They hunted and killed the inferior warriors for their Illusion Points. When the cities were finally exhausted, the warriors had set their eyes on the new target—the endless wilderness outside the cities. The endless wilderness housed all kinds of fierce beasts, and right now, it was also a place of refuge for other warriors who fled the cities to avoid the slaughter. If the greedy warriors were lucky enough, not only would they get Illusion Points from the fierce beasts, but they could also chance upon other warriors.

The wilderness hunt had begun. The warriors from the entire Illusion Battlefield scattered rapidly—some of them were the hunters, while the others were the prey.

While most of the superior warriors began their hunt, Zen had no intention of participating in it.

He didn't see the need to rush into the wilderness for a few hundred thousand Illusion Points.

At the moment, Zen had ranked second in this supreme world. It was quite an accomplishment already. But he didn't want to settle with that. His goal was to hunt the other nine top-ten warriors.

At f

r, and no one was there to explain it.

He really wanted to bring the Saint Killing Spear out of the Illusion Battlefield. To do so, he had to make a copy of the spear.

Zen had thought of this earlier.

The spear in Zen's hands was just an illusion, and the real one in the outside world was in Malachi's hands. After all, it was Malachi who had taken the spear into the Illusion Battlefield.

The Saint Killing Spear was most likely located in the core area of the Demon Night race; hence, it would be quite difficult to obtain the spear.

But if he could duplicate it in the Hall of Causality and take it out of the Illusion Battlefield, would it work like the genuine one?

No matter what, Zen had already made up his mind in making a copy of the Saint Killing Spear. Suddenly, a ray of light flashed in his hand and an iron ticket appeared.

With his current rank, the battle at this stage no longer held much meaning for him. He wouldn't mind spending five million Illusion Points just to enter the Hall of Causality once more.

Besides, the number of Illusion Points awarded in the Hall of Causality was also decent.

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