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   Chapter 1642 Letitia Joined The Sacred Place

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Letitia followed in Preston's wake, feeling anxious.

With her bright intelligence, how could she not understand the situation in which she found herself?

She was someone who had ascended from the Lower World and lacked any foundation in the Upper World. So what good would come to her, when facing those enormous odds?

There was only one possible hope for her, and that was Zen.

However, with her understanding of the situation, she also knew that Zen could hardly look after himself.

He was indeed very famous in the universe, but his fame had not come from aligning himself with a certain power. Furthermore, he seemed to have offended a lot of great powers.

Although Preston was extremely polite to her, she was not sure if the situation would play out in her favor or not. It might be a good or a bad thing.

What Letitia feared greatly was that if she fell into the hands of the Pure Jade Sacred Place, she could be used as a bargaining chip against Zen, which was what she didn't want to face.

However, she had no way to avoid it.

After circling around the hall, she arrived at the square in front of it.

At this moment, all of the core members of the Pure Jade Sacred Place had gathered on the square.

Thirty-two palace leaders, various hall leaders, stewards, elders...

The combined aura which these warriors exuded was abnormally strong. Even the least of them was at the Spirit Transformation Realm, and there were also several warriors whose strength was unfathomable.

Letitia was at the Soul Sea Realm, and those warriors that she could not evaluate were at least a half-step away from becoming world lords.

These warriors also shifted their gazes onto Letitia. There was curiosity in their eyes as they focused on her, reading her talent and potential.

"Is this woman really Zen Luo's wife?"

"He is also from the Lower World. It's not impossible for him to have a wife and children in the Lower World. However, the possibility of her pretending to be his wife is even greater!"

"Pretending to be his wife? We'll wait for the Saint Lord to use his soul theurgy to see if she is really Zen Luo's wife. She'll pay a heavy price should she be lying."

Seeing Letitia being brought forward, the warriors on the square all began discussing her.

Now that the battles in the Illusion Battlefield had reached a new level, everyone was especially concerned about the rankings.

The strongest core talent of the Pure Jade Sacred Place, Josiah Shen, had also entered the top 70, 000 rankings, and his ranking was still rising rapidly.

According to everyone's expectations, Josiah's achievement of reaching the top 100, 000 was already considered extraordinary. But now that he had reached the top 70, 000, the upper echelons of the Pure Jade Sacred Place were naturally all surprised.

After all, they were only a tenth-grade sacred place, and in the entire universe, there were hundreds of thousands of tenth-grade sacred places like theirs.

Of course, Josiah's results were incomparable to Zen's.

With Zen's current advancing ranking, the entire Human

take good care of her."

Preston's eyes lit up at the Saint Lord's decision.

Everyone would be willing to do this kind of thing. It was not a difficult thing to accept Letitia as a disciple. Forgetting her talent, everyone knew that Zen had a promising future. It would not be a bad idea for Preston to help Zen's wife. It could then earn him Zen's gratitude and perhaps even his friendship.

Besides, the Saint Lord had already used his soul theurgy to confirm that this woman was indeed Zen's wife.

A warrior could have many women on his travels, but he only had a single wife. She was likely of great importance to him as well.

"But I don't want to cultivate right now." Letitia's gaze turned upon the pyramid. "I want to stay here and watch the rankings."

"This is just a small matter. I will stay with you to watch," Preston said with a smile. He purposely found a good spot on the square for her.

Only now did Letitia become an official disciple of the Pure Jade Sacred Place, and she was even allowed to step into the very core of the sacred place, the Pure Jade Force House.

When Letitia had first heard about the Pure Jade Force House, she had also yearned for it. She had still been considering whether her husband was qualified to enter, but now, the Saint Lord had allowed her to enter the force house simply because he knew of her relationship with Zen.

At this moment, Letitia felt light-hearted and it was as if she had stepped into a dream.

What had her husband done to make the warriors in the Upper World think so highly of him?

Obviously, she didn't know about Zen's performance in Passing the Torch, nor did she know that the few Supreme Lords in the Humanity Alliance were all silently watching his every move.

"Amazing!" Looking into the distance, she saw Zen's name. He was now ranked 77th. A proud look set her face to glowing. "Unknown to me, he's already reached this point."

Letitia recalled that when she had first met Zen, he had only been at the nature level. A myriad of emotions flooded her at this moment.

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