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   Chapter 1641 Who Is That Woman (Part Two)

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But in an instant, ice crystals formed on Letitia's face. The ice crystals were arranged with certain distance from each other, forming a special protective layer of life vitality.


The knife-like force hit the ice crystals instead. The explosion was so strong that the ice crystals cracked open revealing Letitia's fuming face.

Letitia could regenerate her body from any damage. But that kind of strong explosion would have given her quite a damage and it would take a while before she could recover. She was grateful for the protection of the ice crystals because if not for those, her face would have been cut open.

"What do you want?"

Letitia suddenly stood up; her face full of rage as she stared at the middle-aged woman not far away from her.

Although she served here by pouring her life vitality into the Illusion Space of the Pure Jade Sacred Place for free, she was not a slave.

The middle-aged woman who attacked her with a whip looked at Letitia with a cold smile. "I already said it before; no one is allowed to speak here. But here you are making the same mistake over and over again! For now, this whip served as a warning. If there's a next time, it won't be just this whip anymore."

"We were only discussing in a low voice and it did not affect us pouring our life vitality into the Illusion Space. Just so you know, there are also other people talking here aside from me! Why are you always targeting me?" Letitia asked in a cold voice.

The middle-aged woman pinched the whip in her hand, and a disdainful smile appeared on her face. "The people around you, eh? Let me remind you of who you are. You are just a warrior from the Lower World. What qual


"Yes, I am," she answered truthfully.

"Would you mind coming with me?" Preston asked politely. He was still wearing that gentle smile on his face.

Letitia felt strange and it could be seen on her face, but she still nodded slightly. "Of course. But I still need to infuse my life vitality into the Illusion Space."

"You don't have to. Please, if you could just follow me," Preston said with a smile.

Therefore, Letitia immediately left this place and followed Preston's lead.

Everyone saw Preston personally lead Letitia away. Naturally, when Preston and Letitia had finally left, they all began to talk about her.

"Who is that woman? Why is Master Preston so nice to her?"

"Well, come to think of it, she's a real beauty. I bet that some big shot from the Pure Jade Sacred Place has taken a fancy to her!"

"I don't think so! If mere beauty could take us anywhere, then why are there single beauties still working here?"

As for the middle-aged woman, she stared as Letitia slowly disappeared from her sight. She was left grabbing onto her amputated arm, gritting her teeth in pain and rage.

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