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   Chapter 1640 Who Is That Woman (Part One)

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Now the competition for the rankings in the Illusion Battlefield reached the most intense stage.

The name and ranking of each warrior showing on the pyramids in the outside world continued to change erratically. The outside world became quite fascinated by it, and everyone had their favorites among the participants.

"Lawson's in the first place! Unbelievable! Didn't he previously rank the 200th?"

"Nathan is now back in the top three! That was quick!"

"Who is Zola? I've never heard of this name before. The person is now in the top ten! This is crazy!"

Being in the top 100 in the Illusion Battlefield would be a great achievement. The warriors who made it to the top 100 were considered as the top talents of the universe. All the creatures in the universe paid attention to the names that would make it on the list as they were rooting for their respective races.

The entire Illusion Battlefield was divided into fifty supreme worlds, and each supreme world had many mighty warriors in it. But until now, these warriors had yet to face each other. Thus, at this point in the competition, it was still undetermined how these warriors would rank in terms of strength and power.

Meanwhile, as Letitia was supplying her life vitality, she kept looking at the names on the pyramid.

When she spotted Zen's name among the top one hundred warriors, she felt at ease.

Based on her knowledge about the Illusion Battlefield, she could comprehend her husband's current state and prospects.

Each warrior competing in the Illusion Battlefield aimed to be on the top 100 list. There was a lot at stake in being one of the best in this competition. The top 100 warriors were favored by the universe. Those who made it to the list were highly valued by their respective races because it was

civilization, which would result in the extinction of the grand era. Thus, only a few things would have been passed on to the next grand era.

"Which force does Margaret belong to? How did she get to the 60th place?" someone exclaimed.

Letitia started to feel frustrated about the result. How could Margaret best Zen in the Illusion Battlefield rankings?

"I'm afraid I am not familiar with her. However, I heard that this woman has some strong background. If my memory serves me right, she seems to be from the Purple Power World," someone replied.

"Purple Power World. Purple Power Body. So that's how it is!" Letitia remembered that Margaret possessed the Purple Power Body and that she had once controlled several great swords with her astonishing power. But what Letitia didn't know was that the Purple Power World had a say in the Upper World that Margaret could rank in the top 100 in the entire universe.


Letitia was in her deep thoughts when the shadow of a whip suddenly flew towards her.


The shadow of the whip exploded before Letitia's face!

Although the whip did not physically hit her, the force from the blast pierced towards her like a sharp knife.

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