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   Chapter 1639 Who Ranked First

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Zen's aura immediately attracted a lot of attention as he flew into the main city.

Those who noticed him wore obvious looks of astonishment on their faces.

His fight with Malachi was still fresh in their minds and Zen was now regarded as a sort of unbeatable monster in everyone's eyes.

Zen, on the other hand, merely glanced at them as he flew over their heads.

These warriors collectively had around a few hundred thousand Illusion Points. There was no need to waste his time with these low-level people. His target was Malachi and it was going to stay that way.

Malachi's red dot flew and landed on the west side of the main city. Zen was in close pursuit and saw the dot expand and turn into a person-sized mass of light.

The round of heavens was powerful, but it was impossible for it to instantly revive and reconstruct the countless warriors that were currently dying in this city-wide massacre. Malachi would have to wait for a bit before his body was fully reconstructed.

Those who entered the Illusion Battlefield were currently enveloped by the light of the heavens and only needed to project their bodies inside it.

However, Zen wasn't quite sure why the equipment carried by the warriors couldn't be carried over after their bodies were projected again...

He held his sword in one hand and the acquired spear on the other as he waited near that mass of light.

He didn't have to wait long. Soon enough, the light began to fluctuate and a reconstructed person began to step out of it.

Zen smiled and brandished the spear as soon as the figure appeared.

Malachi didn't even have a chance. The moment he stepped out, Zen was already waiting for him. The young man was quick to kill him without any problems. It was incredibly frustrating on Malachi's end.


Malachi's points, however, still did not burst out.

The red dot, containing his soul, immediately flew towards the other side of the city.

"I have killed him three times, so his Exemption Medallions should have all been used up, ' Zen thought as he immediately chased after the red dot again.

It was the same cycle: Malachi revived and Zen quickly ended him with a spear strike.

The three Exemption Medallions had all been used up and his accumulated Illusion Points were immediately cut in half now that Zen was successful in killing him for the fourth time.

"Buzz, buzz, buzz..."

Zen drew back his spear and readily absorbed the massive surge of Illusion Points in his body.

The sight of so many Illusion Points attracted everyone's attention.

The amount of Illusion Points in front of them could no doubt elevate a low-ranking warrior all the way to the top 100 of thi

. "I've already taken all of Malachi's Illusion Points."

Hailey breathed a sigh of relief. "I saw it."

"Are you mentally prepared?" he asked her.

She hesitated for a moment. "Even if I have to receive the Punishment of Eternal Night, I will still bear it. I will work hard to live on... I still look forward to that day..."

The Punishment of Eternal Night Hailey just mentioned was a completely terrible thing that only the Demon Night members would know.

Zen shook his head. "I won't let you wait for so long."

His words left a deep impression on her and Hailey's eyes simply shone as she looked Zen.

People generally feard pain and frustration. However, such things were easily endurable by warriors. No, what people truly feared the most was the idea of hopelessness.

Amber, for example, was someone who needed hope to survive. She was on the verge of collapse and her imprisonment did not make things any easier for her. It was only with hope that she drew the power to survive.

Zen was someone who could promise them what they all sincerely hoped for the most.

He was not a man who casually made promises. Each time he did, he felt an immense pressure to live up to his word and keep it.

However, even if he hadn't made a promise, things had already gone this far, and Zen didn't think he would be able to sit idly by and watch this all happen without doing anything.

It was at this moment that Zen finally found the time to check his ranking and the results slightly shocked him.

He was now in the top 100 and was ranked 77th in the Illusion Battlefield.

And he was ranked second in the supreme world! The Illusion Points he got from Malachi obviously were a huge deal in elevating his place in the rankings!

But if he was second, then who was the first?

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