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   Chapter 1638 The Mutation Of The Spear

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Malachi glared at Zen, his face sullen and furious as he tried to think of a way to deal with him.

Based on his clansmen's predictions, the Illusion Battlefield's first stage would soon be ending.

The first stage served to eliminate the majority of the warriors. Only 50 people per supreme world would most likely go on to the second stage.

Since there were 50 supreme worlds, that would mean a total of 2, 500 people would advance.

Among the trillions of warriors in this boundless universe, these 2, 500 could be considered as the elite among all Soul Sea Realm warriors. They were most likely descendants of world lords, children of Supreme Lords, ace talents, or Godly Geniuses.

These predictions were based on the fragmented data collated from the last grand era.

They were not a hundred percent accurate but were still more or less correct.

Malachi had already known the existence of the cities, along with the Hall of Causality way before he entered the Illusion Battlefield.

He had spent this entire time fighting and killing warriors on the battlefield every single day. He did not meet any mighty warriors that were his match. As a result, his ranking had climbed up steadily.

He was now at the fourth rank of this supreme world, which was already more than enough for him to enter the second stage.

He might go down a couple of places, but there was no way he would fall out of the top fifty.

All he needed to do was choose a nice place in the city to spend the night in and wait for the second stage.

However, his plan was immediately derailed upon the sudden changing of the Illusion Battlefield's rules. Nobody, not even his clansmen, could predict that the prohibition of killing within cities would be lifted. Maybe this fact was never recorded or perhaps their own records were incomplete.

Nevertheless, he was truly regretting it now.

If not for Hailey, then he never would've provoked Zen.

And now his spear was in his enemy's hands. How in the world was he supposed to fight him now?


A bloody light shone from Malachi's space ring. Driven to an inescapable corner, he now brought out his last resort—his life's treasure, the Crane Crying Spear. This spear was a first-rank divine weapon considered as a rare treasure. However, it was still far inferior to the Saint Killing Spear.

He knew he was no match for Zen, but his pride as an ace talent forced him to push forward.

There was still that tiny sliver of hope for victory if he gave it his all.

"Dance of the Blood Crane!" he shouted.

He raised his spear as beams of bloody light shot out and headed straight towards Zen.

Zen remained calm as he activated the Eight Smoky Melodies.

The sparring with the Supreme Lord Sword paid off since his understanding of sw


There was no way he could block it.


This was the only thought in Malachi's mind.

But there was no way out! Zen wasn't going to let him go that easily.

In the end, Malachi had no choice but to get swallowed up by the spear shadow and perish.

A red light then quickly flew towards the city, containing Malachi's soul. The rules might have changed but revivals were still centralized in the city.

'I still don't get any Illusion Points. Malachi has three Exemption Medallions. I have to kill him four times if I want to get his points!'

Zen thought to himself as he followed the red dot and charged straight into the city. He would kill Malachi as soon as he revived.

Inside the city, the battle was getting even way more intense.

Everyone seemed to be fighting. The strong warriors that had just recently returned from the Hall of Causality, some ace talents, and ordinary warriors in general were all fighting against one another.

The city had once been protected by the rules of the heavens, but less than five minutes after the lifting of the fight prohibition, the entire city had been reduced to nothing but broken rubble.




Law Powers shot out in all directions, and anyone who was not careful enough would no doubt get hit and die without even knowing what or who killed them.

On the other side of the city were numerous round balls of light, symbolizing the warriors who were about to be resurrected.

Beside these balls of light were a group of warriors who waited for the revival of their vanquished opponents, ready to repeat the cycle and kill them all over again.

This was the fate that weaker warriors were doomed to have: an endless cycle of being killed and resurrection. All of their Illusion Points would be squeezed out of their bodies until there was nothing left.

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