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   Chapter 1637 Chaos In The Cities

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It was the voice of the mysterious girl.

She had declared the rules of the Illusion Battlefield several times.

Only now, the rules had suddenly changed.

During the first stage of the Illusion Battlefield, with the protection of the law of the heavens, the major cities could become a place for the martial artists to protect themselves. As long as you didn't leave the main city, you would be completely safe.

Even from those ace talents and Godly Geniuses.

However, the further the battle progressed, the more intense the competition became.

Most of the Illusion Points were gained by only a small number of people.

Malachi, for example, had amassed a massive amount of Illusion Points and was ranked fourth in this supreme world. Before, as long as he didn't leave the main city, it would have been difficult for others to catch up.

But now the rules had changed.

The main city was no longer a haven for warriors. On the contrary, it was about to become a battleground.

After all, almost all of the martial artists were gathered in one or another of the main cities. Only a small number had left the main city to explore the endless wilderness.

But now, once the restrictions were removed, all warriors would be free to fight!

Instantly, the small skulls that were lingering outside the city wall began to rush into the city and bit Zen's back. The skulls floated from his shoulders downwards, like a cape made of skulls.

Malachi had been laughing wildly when the mysterious girl's voice rang out. He stopped, stunned.

A smile surfaced to Zen's face as he looked at Malachi. "Why aren't you laughing?"

Before, Malachi had not cared about his defeat. He had three Exemption Medallions in his hand. Even if Zen managed to kill him three times, he would not lose any Illusion Points.

Moreover, he would never have rushed out of the city after his Saint Killing Spear had been taken away. After all, Zen couldn't do anything to him.

But who could have known that the restrictions on fighting in the main city would be lifted at this very moment?

A cold feeling swept across the back of his neck. He knew that as long as he maintained his position as the fourth ranked member of the supreme world, he would surely be promoted to the next stage of the Illusion Battlefield!

And yet...

Beginning to realize that he might be in danger, Malachi reflexively began to retreat backwards.

He had lost the c

o claim the spoils of conquest, and no one else would have the chance to plunder them!

Here and there, sharp rays of light appeared and vanished. Waves of intensive life vitality fluctuated all over the area. This kind of scene could only be seen during a race war. There had been a rumor over the years that many races in the universe would eventually fall into chaos and launch an unprecedented war, and it looked like this war would be the true battle of the world of chaos!

At this very moment, in the Illusion Battlefield, it was being rehearsed in advance.

On the other side, Zen did not allow Malachi to escape too far. At around ten thousand feet, Malachi found himself blocked. Zed held the Saint Killing Spear deliberately in his hand. With one hand holding the spear and the other holding the sword, he looked at Malachi with a faint smile. "Should I kill you three times? Or five? You can choose."

If he was killed once, he would lose half of his Illusion Points. Twice, he would lose three quarters of his points. If he was killed three times, he would lose seven eighths of his Illusion Points …

Malachi's expression turned gloomy. If Zen killed him three times, his ranking would fall out of the 100, 000 range.

That was a loss that he could not accept. With a flip of his hand, he brought out a purple long spear. This was a first-rank divine weapon, and it was also Malachi's life weapon.

This spear was a sight to behold. After all, he was the son of a Supreme Lord. He owned things that an ordinary martial artist couldn't have. But still, this spear couldn't compare to the Saint Killing Spear.

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