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   Chapter 1636 Change Of Rules

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After exploring a secret land, Malachi had obtained three Exemption Medallions.

He would be invincible with the power of the Saint Killing Spear.

After offering himself up to the Saint Killing Spear, he could even kill Godly Geniuses, not to mention the ace talents.

But this was possible only when he was in the wilderness…

He would definitely kill Zen if he were to fight Zen in the wilderness, far from the main city!

The good thing was that Malachi wouldn't lose Illusion Points even though he had offered himself to the spear.

However, after Zen had toyed with him, Malachi was unable to restrain himself.

The truth was that his best option was to lead Zen into the wilderness and slay him there. Right from the start, he felt that he could defeat and kill Zen using just his spear. But he lost that opportunity when he fell into a passive situation. That was the prime reason why he chose to sacrifice himself to the Saint Killing Spear.

No doubt it was a foolish plan of action. He was right next to the main city. Even after he sacrificed himself, and his strength increased dramatically, it would still be a herculean task to kill Zen in the main city.

As a result, his Saint Killing Spear was snatched away by Zen.

One could imagine just how perturbed Malachi was at this moment. He naturally had to find some way to vent his frustration. He saw Hailey standing not too far away and called out to her.

Hailey trembled when she heard Malachi's command.

"Don't go over to him," Janet whispered.

Hailey felt a mix of emotions as she stood there motionless.

"Bitch! Don't forget where you are right now!" Malachi yelled nastily as he stared at her. The corner of his mouth showed a hint of a sneer.

Hailey was still in his palace. While she was in the Illusion Battlefield, perhaps he couldn't do anything to her, but once she left that place, she was just a toy to him.

Hailey pursed her lips as sadness filled her eyes.

Although she did not share her thoughts, Jeffrey and Janet could see that she didn't have a choice.

She trudged towards Malachi.

The evil smile on Malachi's face grew wider and wider. His conflict with Zen had started because of her. He had suffered a loss because of Zen, but there was nothing else Zen could do to him.

When Hailey was halfway there, Zen stood between the two of them once again, and stared calmly at Malachi.

"What do you want?" Malachi demanded. His voice carried a hint of ridicule.

"Let her go," Zen said softly.

"No problem," Malachi laughed deviously. "Give me back my spear first!"

Zen hesitated a little… He actually had plans to duplicate a Saint Killing Spear.

At this moment, Malachi could a

lp but laugh.

The warriors present there had strange expressions on their faces…

Malachi was an ace talent, and a powerful warrior at the Soul Sea Realm. He couldn't possibly be bad in bed, right?

Jeffrey put his palms together. His expression was calm, but the corners of his mouth turned up slightly.

Coleman, on the other hand, was not quite so discreet. He snickered out loud; the laughter from his thick throat was incomparably ear-piercing.

Malachi's face stiffened. He stared coldly at Hailey, wanting to rip her to pieces with his gaze. Despite his fury, he actually laughed. "Hahaha! I didn't expect that you would become so bold after entering the Illusion Battlefield. Very good, very good … Do you know what the price for your impudence will be?"

"Death," she said calmly and confidently. At this point, her wish had been fulfilled by Zen's promise. And in any case, she was tired of living like a slave to Malachi.

"No," Malachi shook his head. "How can I let you die so easily? You must be well aware of the most powerful punishment that the Demon Night has given!"

Hailey flatly replied, "Punishment of Eternal Night."

"That's right. I am going to throw you and your entire clan into the Punishment of Eternal Night! I want you to experience torture in a way that you will never forget! Hahaha..." Malachi roared with excitement. This was the only outlet for his anger.

Zen sighed softly in his heart. All this was happening only because he wasn't strong enough. The sooner he gained more strength, the sooner he would be able to take Lavender back to the Demon Night.

Just then a booming voice sounded. "The rules of the Illusion Battlefield have changed, and the restrictions on battle will be lifted from the main cities, along with the restriction on flying."

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