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   Chapter 1635 Grab The Spear

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Malachi, who had offered himself to the Saint Killing Spear, could be considered a puppet that only knew killings.

As Zen retreated, Malachi chased to kill him.

But the city was protected by the rules of the heavens. Malachi, who was wielding the spear, was blocked outside the city walls, just like the small skulls.

The only difference was that the skulls had been unable to pierce through the invisible barrier, while Malachi, who was controlled by the spear, could.


The blood-red light of the spear tore through the invisible barrier. He had actually drilled his way into the city.

The strength of the body determined the power of the spear.

For example, if Lavender had sacrificed herself, she would have been able to display all of the spear's potential. The power she could unleash was breathtaking.

Similarly, after Malachi had offered himself to the spear, his own strength had also soared.

However, although he had broken through the invisible barrier, he was being held back by the rules of the heavens in the city.

Zen retreated rapidly just moments after he entered the city. The spear spun crazily, disobeying the rules of the heavens as it chased after Zen.

And right now, Zen had no way to fight back since fighting was prohibited in the city.

However, he had no intention of fighting with Malachi. Flying and fighting were prohibited within the city, so he could only retreat.

It was fortunate for Zen that under the suppression of the rules of the heavens, Malachi's speed wasn't great. Disobeying the rules required an extremely powerful force. Even though Malachi could resist the rules to a certain extent after being controlled by the spear, it became very difficult for him to move forward. And because of this, he wasn't that faster than Zen.

The other martial artists could only watch from the sidelines since they couldn't make a move anyway.

On top of the city walls, Zen was retreating all the way back, Malachi getting closer and closer to him. The spinning spear was less than a foot away from Zen's nose.

100 feet. 200 feet. 300 feet.

When Zen had run for 1, 000 feet, the spear point was less than two inches away from his face.

But Malachi suddenly froze.

Everyone watched the scene unfold before them in complete silence. They had never seen a fight in the city before.

A whirring sound could be heard

as a gentle breeze blew.

Something akin to ash fell off Malachi's body.

Soon, his entire body began to disintegrate and collapse into ash. The Saint Killing Spear fell to the ground with a clang.

Malachi had previously relied on the spear

. Now that he saw Zen standing there unscathed, his spear missing, he flew into a rage.

"He has taken away your weapon!" the martial artist said to Malachi.

Malachi's eyes flashed with anger. "Give it back to me!" he shouted, stretching out a hand.

"The Saint Killing Spear isn't your weapon in the first place. Why should I give it back to you?" Zen said, smiling.

Now that he had the Saint Killing Spear, Zen had already made plans. Should he spend five million Illusion Points making a trip through the Hall of Causality?

If he had enough time, he really wanted to give Lavender a surprise.

Malachi stared at Zen for a moment before saying, "I didn't expect Zen Luo, whose name is renowned throughout the universe, to be such a coward. You didn't dare to fight me head on and even fled to the main city with your tail between your legs. I almost killed you even though you were protected by the laws of the heavens."

Since they were not allowed to fight in the city, Malachi could only try to provoke Zen with words.

"We can fight after we leave the city," Zen said calmly.

"Give me back the spear, and we'll fight again," Malachi said.

Zen smiled mockingly at Malachi. "I won't return the spear," he said.

"Then forget it. There's nothing you can do about me in the main city!" Malachi said coldly.

His battle with Zen might not have been that big of a deal. Although Zen had taken away his spear, he should still be able to safely move on to the next stage now that he was ranked fourth in this supreme world.

The Saint Killing Spear was just a projection. It didn't matter if he lost it, but he would have to use his own weapon in the next stage.

His gaze swept around and landed on Hailey, "You bitch! Come here!"

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