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   Chapter 1634 The Final Offering

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The two sharp sword moves suddenly appeared and slashed through the air, which caused everyone to be stunned.

Janet and the others had concluded that Zen must have only been testing Malachi's strength. Despite Zen not using his full strength in that attack, it still caught his opponents off guard. They were all in shock after the attack, making it difficult to find their balance as they floated in the air.

During the tests in the Hall of Causality, Zen had not showcased the Gods-intimidating Strike.

He only used his strong body and monstrous strength in the Hall of Causality. Despite that, he was still considered the strongest among his group.

"I guess he can handle this on his own," Janet sobbed and said. Although she didn't like the idea of Zen fighting alone, she was sure that he would win this battle.

Meanwhile, onlookers gathered to watch the battle between Zen and Malachi. Many of them came here to secretly observe regardless of their lives.

At first, they had other intentions while watching Zen and Malachi. From what they could see, these young men already obtained a large number of Illusion Points and they would surely benefit from killing them. If they obtained half of their Illusion Points, their rankings would skyrocket and that would help them swiftly enter the forefront of this supreme world.

As they watched, they waited for the right moment to attack.

If they attacked, they could either succeed or not. If they did succeed, they could obtain many Illusion Points. If not, the worst that could happen was be killed in the Illusion Battlefield and sent back to the main city.

However, after witnessing the terrifying strength that Zen had unleashed, they knew that their crazy plan wouldn't work. They wouldn't waste any effort in something that they knew would be a failure from the start.

Malachi, who was wielding the Saint Killing Spear, turned pale and trembled. He seemed to be in a daze.

Zen stared at him and asked in a frigid voice, "Shall we continue?"

Zen didn't intend to kill Malachi right way. He only wanted to hurt his confidence because in that way, Malachi would lose his focus.

Unfortunately, since they were in the Illusion Battlefield, Zen wouldn't be able to shatter Malachi's dedication to martial arts. So, the best he could do was to ruthlessly strike at his confidence!


Malachi thrust his Saint Killing Spear out once more.


But like his first attempt, he didn't succeed. Zen had deflected it with his long sword. After this, Malachi heard Zen's arctic voice again.

"I didn't expect an ace talent of the Demon Night to be weak. I'm disappointed."

Malachi couldn't thrust out the Saint Killing Spear anymore. His back was pressed against the wall this time and he had no way to escape. He could only look at Zen with despair in his eyes. But even under the constant pressure, he still wanted to get rid of this devilish fellow!

"You must have already realized the mistake that you made. A sharp weapon is good, but you've already lost your confidence. And since

he Saint Killing Spear, Malachi became the spear's slave. His body was now a lifeless container that the spear could control.

The changes in Malachi's appearance and aura were alarming and Zen felt his heart becoming heavy. So, without any hesitation, he retreated to the city walls. He made sure there was a great distance between him and Malachi just to be safe.

At this moment, Malachi began to move. But it wasn't Malachi anymore, but the spear who was controlling the body's movement.


Malachi's movements might have been as stiff as those of a zombie, but his speed was astonishingly fast. It was so fast that even Zen was having difficulty following his move.

With a spear in his hand, Malachi had quickly caught up with Zen despite the distance. The spear in his hand moved faster than lightning as it pierced towards Zen.

It slashed through Zen's body!

It was just a simple attack, but it was fatal because of its speed that even Zen couldn't fathom.

In theory, every martial arts skill in the world had its blind spot. But if mixed with speed, even the basic martial arts skill could be unbeatable.

When one had reached a high level of speed, every single move could be fatal to his opponent.

Even if Zen maximized the Eight Smoky Melodies and tried his best to twist his body, it would still be difficult for him to dodge. The spear had finally pierced Zen's right chest and through his back, leaving four bloody holes on his shoulder. Blood gushed out of his deep wounds.

The first strike was a success! There was no doubt that the killing intent of the spear was greater.

Before he offered himself to the spear, Malachi had already conveyed the thought of killing Zen onto the spear. So, at this moment, the spear was moving on its own, intending to kill Zen, and it wouldn't stop until Zen was dead!

Malachi's right hand gently retracted as the second strike began in no time. But before the spear could hit Zen with another fatal attack, Zen had already turned around and charged into the main city.

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