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If Zen's full strength erupted right now, he could forcefully and violently take Malachi down.

The Saint Killing Spear was truly formidable.

On the other hand, if Zen kept dodging the sharp tips of the spear while using the explosive power of the Gods-intimidating Strike along with the immense supply of chaotic energy, Zen could exhaust Malachi and kill him.

Besides, Zen had gained a lot after battling Sword Chen.

And Malachi was a perfect warrior for Zen to practice the sword on.

As they drew closer to each other, the two began to engage in close combat.

Malachi retreated quickly in an attempt to get rid of Zen, but Zen would never give him the chance to shake him off.

He managed to stay at a distance of three feet from him at all times.

Malachi struck and stabbed, swinging the Saint Killing Spear around.

But no matter which move he used, Zen anticipated the movement of the Saint Killing Spear each time it reached about halfway to him and used the Thunder Wind Divine Sword to block the spearhead from harming him. This way, he was able to break Malachi's moves.

Malachi felt like he was being shackled by an invisible chain.

And here he had been confident because he was an ace talent who had the Saint Killing Spear!

Even Godly Geniuses would find it difficult to defend themselves against the spear when it struck out. The ace talents were way below them!

But the problem now was that he couldn't thrust out the spear and reach his opponent!

Zen stood there, expressionless as a zombie. But it was humiliating to Malachi, because it felt like Zen was mocking him.

The warriors on the city wall were surprised as they saw them fighting.

It didn't look like a fight between two powerful warriors of the Soul Sea Realm.

"Zen is really strong! He didn't even use any martial skill and sealed all of Malachi's moves with just a long sword!"

"Malachi is stupid. It's such a waste for him to have the Saint Killing Spear. He has almost no chance of fighting back! If I were him, I would definitely burn my bridges and give Zen a fatal counterattack!"

"I think it's you who are stupid. In this kind of situation, Malachi won't stand a chance even if he wants to go all out because Zen would have killed him long before that!"

Janet held the flame kitten in her arms and stared at Zen's moves, her eyes flashing. "This guy seems to be practicing the sword!"

"I've underestimated Zen's strength and courage if he is using an ace talent to practice the sword," Jeffrey said with a faint smile.

Although Zen's previous performance had been stunning, everyone had only regarded him as someone who could be compared to an ace talent.

The strength of ace talents differed greatly.

For example, Lucille was the strongest among the ace talents, and her power was already close to that of a Godly Genius. As long as she gained some insights of the Godly Way and became a Godly Genius, she would be able to become a candidate for a True God.

nothing wrong with this kind of division of labor.

But they had missed something. They had miscalculated Zen's strength.

They thought that Zen couldn't get distracted as he had to be fully focused on blocking Malachi's moves.

However, the moment they left the city wall, a sword intent that was rapidly shrinking began to form on Zen's sword. He brandished his sword and thrust it at them.

"Gods-intimidating Strike!"

The rapidly shrinking sword intent drew an arc in the air.

The sword intent went along the city wall, and headed towards the warriors that were coming to attack him.

The strong sword intent swept over the top of the city wall.

The two martial artists who had just leapt off the city wall were taken by surprise.

They didn't even have the time to react before Zen's sword intent struck them down. A trail of blood erupted from their bodies and they fell off the wall.

This shocked every martial artist present there. Even Malachi, who had been tortured by Zen's relentless blocking, looked stunned. Was this the true strength of this fellow?

Silence reigned both inside and outside of the main city.

But Zen didn't stop there. His first strike had killed two warriors and he didn't hesitate as he thrust out the second strike.

Zen's actions seemed to fall into a certain pattern once he had completely entered the state of Emotion Closing. He began to mercilessly attack his opponents.

"Gods-intimidating Strike!"

The long sword slashed out.

Another sword intent struck through the air, and the second strike killed three more warriors.

In the span of a few seconds, Zen had killed five warriors with his Gods-intimidating Strike. All these five warriors were Malachi's followers.

When the remaining martial artists on Malachi's side saw this, they didn't hesitate before turning around and fleeing back to the main city. They were now depressed. Just where had this fellow learned this sword strike from? It was simply too powerful!

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