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   Chapter 1632 The Spear And The Sword

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The longbow had been obtained from the four divine kingdoms and could be considered to be a semi-divine weapon. Zen did not expect it to cause any problems for Malachi.

As he shot the three arrows—sword in one hand, his figure like a shuttle—he rapidly approached Malachi.

As Malachi pushed away the three arrows, he saw Zen heading straight for him, his expression as calm as ever.

Truth be told, even though Malachi was an ace talent, he felt a bit uneasy realizing that his opponent was Zen.

As of now, most races were not wary about Zen killing the Supreme Lords. However, many large clans still sent out their world lords to surround the fairy palace. For the past five to six years, they had not let up for even a moment. Their target was not Zen, but the fairy palace itself.

Zen was a strong adversary, for he had inherited the fairy palace.

However, upon seeing the first-rank divine weapon in Zen's hand, Malachi felt more at ease.

'Is the fairy palace short of weapons?

How can he fight me with a first-rank divine weapon?

It seems as though the rumors about the inheritance of the fairy palace have been exaggerated a bit, ' Malachi thought to himself.

Of course, he was not aware that the fairy palace did not have any ready-made weapons, but it did have some extremely rare materials.

He only knew that by relying on the Saint Killing Spear, he would be in an invincible position.

"Immature brat!"

Seeing Zen advance toward him, Malachi swung the long spear.

A blood-red light emanated from it. Like a dragon, it circled the air once before spreading out like a fan.

"Twin Kill Intent!"

Twin Kill Intent was the second skill of the Saint Killing Spear.

The spear possessed a pure destructive power.

A few supreme divine weapons on the Universe Spirit Tablet had distinct uses. Some weapons contained strange Laws of Causality and their killing techniques were different.

In terms of pure destructive power and sharpness of the weapon, the Saint Killing Spear was certainly ranked among the top three weapons.


As the blood-red light beam unfurled in the air, Zen frowned. He was forced back dozens of feet.

Spear in hand, a sneer surfaced on Malachi's face. "I did not expect the famous Zen Luo to turn out to be such a coward. You retreat and escape when you fight others. Interesting!"

Ever since the time the two of them had started fighting, Zen had been stepping back continuously. It looked as if he could not harm a hair on Malachi's head.

"It's obvious what will happen! The Saint Killing Spear is the number one killing weapon of Demon Night."

"With that weapon, even an ordinary martial artist will have the strength to fight an ace talent!"

"Look! Malachi merely relies on the power of the Saint Killing Spear."


stand on end.

"Shadowy Spin!"

Seeing this, Malachi felt panic rise in his heart.

The spear shadows raced in the air, but they could not stop Zen in the slightest.

Zen defended himself very well. Just how was he doing it?

He did not give Malachi much time to think. The essence of the Gods-intimidating Strike was everywhere, oppressing his opponent, not giving him a break.

Clang! Clang! Clang!

Pushing away the gigantic spear shadows, Zen approached Malachi.

"Malachi, hell awaits you!"

The Saint Killing Spear still exuded a blood-red light.

"Twin Kill Intent!"


Zen raised the Thunder Wind Divine Sword once more. This time, he placed the sword on the upper half of the shaft of the Saint Killing Spear.

The previously unrivalled Twin Killing Intent was broken off by Zen's sword before it could even be unleashed.

As an ace talent, Malachi's response time was fast.

The moment his spear was blocked by Zen, he faltered in his steps, retreating at once.

At the same time, the long spear wedged beneath his armpit shrank. As he stepped back, the spear spun round in a circle. Just as it was pulled back, it charged at Zen from a different direction.

"Cycle Stab!"

Malachi became more anxious. He did not have time to activate the techniques of the Saint Killing Spear and instead employed his usual spear technique.

However, Zen had anticipated this. He knew Malachi would make this move, so he moved his body half a foot to the left in advance.

Malachi's shot failed and slid past Zen's shoulder.

Fights between martial artists were as unpredictable as a game of chess.

One wrong move could end in death.

Zen was a person with foresight. After he tricked Malachi into showing his weakness, he followed his opponent like a shadow. He would not give his rival the slightest chance to get back in the game!

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