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   Chapter 1631 Not Indestructible

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When Janet saw the Saint Killing Spear, she was frightened.

The Lofty Wood in her body was warning her and she could sense something special about that spear.

One of the two materials used to make the Saint Killing Spear was black and the other white. They seemed to resonate with the Lofty Wood in her body.

She had no idea that the black and white spear shafts of the Saint Killing Spear were also made of the other two kinds of divine wood.

There was the Ray Wood in the east, the Sunrest Wood in the west, the Lofty Wood in the north, and the Hidden Wood in the south.

These were the four kinds of legendary divine wood

and they all existed above the heavens.

From the four types of wood, Ray Wood had never appeared in the universe.

Lofty Wood had only appeared when Janet was born.

However, the Hidden Wood and the Sunrest Wood had been set up here since the birth of the universe.

This was because the Sunrest Tree was the sun's resting place. The sun that illuminated everything was extremely important for the birth of the numerous living beings of the universe and the final step in constructing the universe was to light up the sun, and the existence of the Sunrest Tree was the key to achieving this.

The Hidden Tree grew extremely fast. Its roots were everywhere supporting the one hundred thousand supreme worlds and a million great worlds. And even though the Hidden Tree drew all the worlds together, it couldn't be seen; that was why it was called the "Hidden Tree."

The Hidden Wood was white, while the Sunrest Wood was black.

The Saint Killing Spear was made of a piece of Hidden Wood and a piece of Sunrest Wood intertwined with each other.

When Janet felt the power of the two kinds of divine wood, she had to warn Zen.

But he already knew that this spear's shadow was not to be withstood. He turned and dashed to the side in a swift movement.

"Eight Smoky Melodies!"

The spear shadow was heading straight to him fast. Without a thought, Zen instantly activated the Eight Smoky Melodies.

Zen dodged. With the impact of the Eight Smoky Melodies, the spear swept past his body and stabbed the city wall.

"Rumble, rumble, rumble" could be heard.

Something weird was happening in the city wall.

The city wall was indestructible, but a small hole had been drilled out by the wild and violent spinning of the spear shadow.

The spear had two points, and it forcefully dug out a piece from the city wall.

"What power is this?"

Even Zen couldn't believe what he was seeing.

Although the spear only drilled out a fist-sized hole in the city wall, it was enough to shock everyone present.

ors didn't want to give up the opportunity to watch the battle, so they decided to find a corner to watch it.

There were much fewer warriors on the city wall now.

However, Janet, Hailey, Jeffrey, Coleman and Ansel did not choose to leave. Their strength might be a little weaker than Zen's and Malachi's, but they could still face the battle. When the spear shadow penetrated through the light film, it slowed down, giving them enough time to dodge it.

The warriors who were following Malachi didn't leave either. These people were some of the bolder warriors or warriors who liked to show off their strength. So they remained standing on top of the city wall.

"Whoosh, whoosh, whoosh!"

The spear shadow was incredibly fast and Zen could only maintain an extremely high speed as he dodged around Malachi.

In less than two minutes, Zen had already dodged over a hundred spear shadows, every one of them dangerous. He had to rely on his own strength and the Eight Smoky Melodies to do this and he was getting tired.

'If this continues, I won't be able to keep up. I'll be hit by a spear's shadow.'

Zen was very confident in the strength of his physical body, but he didn't think that he would be able to take a strike without getting hurt.

Suddenly another spear shadow flashed past him, and at the same time, a dark golden longbow appeared in his hands.

"Swoosh, swoosh, swoosh!"

The minute the longbow appeared in his hand, three streaks of black light shot out from him.

"Third-rank divine weapons. Childish!"

Malachi's face was filled with disdain as the long spear in his hand spun twice like a windmill.

"Clank, clank, clank!"

With three clear sounds, the three black arrows were easily sent flying away by the Saint Killing Spear.

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