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   Chapter 1630 The Saint Killing Spear

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When Zen finished speaking, Malachi was slightly perplexed, and his sharp eyes, which were as slender as willow leaves, were clouded with confusion.

After all, Zen's words had come out of the blue.

However, the moment he realized what Zen was saying, his entire body suddenly shook, his eyes filling with a strong killing intent.

"You are Zen Luo!"

Malachi was the only son of Supreme Lord Gunter!

Although the Demon Night members were all born strong warriors, they were quite weak when it came to reproduction. That was the main factor that restricted the development of the Demon Night race. Even though Supreme Lord Gunter had many wives, he only had a single descendant, and that was Malachi.

His father's death had been a huge blow to him.

Now that he'd learned that the young man standing in front of him was the one who had killed his father, he realized that he was facing off against his sworn enemy.

Although he had never seen Zen before, he had already imagined countless times in his mind what his enemy was like and he had sworn that he would kill Zen with his own hands in this lifetime!

However, he had never thought that he would encounter Zen in the Illusion Battlefield.

"No way! That guy is Zen?!"

"You mean the guy that killed the four Supreme Lords?"

"By the way, the stories he told through the Roaring Token are really quite interesting…"

"This is going to be exciting! Zen is a warrior of the Soul Sea Realm, so it's not surprising that he has entered the Illusion Battlefield. We're so lucky to see him here."

"I want to know just how strong this fellow is since he has the ability to kill Supreme Lords."

When Zen's identity was revealed, it immediately caused heated discussions among the warriors watching from the city walls.

A while ago, everyone had seen this as a fight between two powerful warriors. But most of them had bet on Malachi to win since they were confident that Malachi would make his opponents suffer with his superior strength.

But after finding out that Malachi's opponent was the famous Zen, their views had completely changed. They felt like the tables had turned.

Zen was a legendary warrior. Although his strength was nothing extraordinary, he enjoyed a fame that was perhaps even greater than that of some of the Supreme Lords!

Although there were only 128 Supreme Lords in the supreme worlds, many martial artists could not name all of them. However, when it came to Zen... It was impossible for them not to know him because this fellow had used the Roaring Token to bombard their ears for six whole years!

"Yes, I am Zen Luo." Zen nodded.

Killing aura immediately soared from Malachi's body. The killing aura condensed into a demon-like form in the air.

"I really didn't expect to meet you in the Illusion Battlefield!" Malachi said as he stared firmly at Zen. His eyes were filled with killing intent as if he wanted to directly pierce through Zen with them. "Unfortunately, this is the Illusion Battlefield. I can't kill you in the real sense…"

Although the killin


Right now, they were only in the first stage of the Illusion Battlefield, and the battles would only get more and more intense from here on.

As he spoke, he gently waved his long spear and aimed it at Zen. "You should feel proud to be facing off against such a precious weapon!"

Hearing his words, Zen grinned. "It really is a great honor. But this spear doesn't seem to belong to you, does it?"

"Since it is in my hands, of course it belongs to me," Malachi said proudly with his head held high. As a member of the Demon Night, of course he understood the significance of the Saint Killing Spear.

As Zen stared at the spear, he pondered in his heart, 'What a pity...

If I could get the Saint Killing Spear and use the reward from the Hall of Causality to make a duplicate for Lavender, it would be perfect.'

As he thought of this, Zen slowly took out his longsword from his space ring–the Thunder Wind Divine Sword.

As he moved his longsword, the corners of his mouth slightly curled up. "Since you are so shameless to claim that the Demon Night's Saint Killing Spear is yours, then I have nothing to say…"

"If you have nothing to say, then go to hell!"

At this moment, Malachi attacked without any warning. Although he was confident that he could defeat Zen, he was an aloof and stubborn person. Even if he had the absolute advantage, he would still go all out, especially now that he wasn't sure of Zen's real strength.

He always favored launching surprise attacks.

The Saint Killing Spear suddenly spun around in Malachi's hand, and two cold glints flashed from the two tips of the spear. Then, he thrust the spear toward Zen.

A huge spear shadow appeared from the Saint Killing Spear, crazily circling in the air before shooting toward Zen.

The power hidden within the spear shadow was intimidating. It was as if it could pierce through everything.

This was the most basic cultivation method of the Saint Killing Spear—Shadowy Spin.

"Be careful!" Janet exclaimed from the top of the city wall.

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