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   Chapter 1629 The Saint Spear Sect

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There were a total of six sects in the Demon Night.

These six sects were the most ancient groups of the Demon Night.

It was also these groups that controlled the ancient Demon Night bloodline. Thus, the three queens of the Demon Night always emerged from these six large sects.

Back then, with Elena's help, Gunter had become the fourth Supreme Lord of the Demon Night. Naturally, his sect had also become very powerful and influential.

Even the Demon Night, which had three queens as its leaders, had internal struggles.

These six sects were under the control of the Board of Elders, which answered to the three queens. Thus, they were able to maintain the balance within the Demon Night.

However, ever since Lavender's disappearance, the balance that had been maintained before had been broken.

The two sects that answered to the Queen of Life maintained their silence, just like the Queen of Life was indifferent to Elena's domineering behavior.

As for the two sects that fell under the domain of the Queen of Killings, one sect sided with Elena while the other sect supported Lavender. Thus, the latter sect was immediately persecuted by Elena.

This sect possessed the saint spear of the Demon Night. All the previous generations of the Queen of Killings had used the saint spear from this sect, so this sect was also known as the 'Saint Spear Sect'.

But now, the Saint Spear Sect was in a terrible situation in the Demon Night. Many of the sect members chose to hide, but some were forcibly enslaved by other sects. The men of the sect were treated as slaves while the beautiful women were treated as playthings.

Hailey was the daughter of the leader of the Saint Spear Sect.

If it weren't for the fight between the two queens, Hailey might have had a chance of becoming one of the Demon Night's ace talents.

But now, Hailey was just a plaything without freedom in Malachi's harem.

When Janet saw Zen's real name in the Corridor of Emperor, she became very curious about him.

And when Hailey saw Zen's real name in the Corridor of Emperor, she became extremely excited.

The news about Lavender's matter had already spread far and wide throughout the Demon Night.

Hailey had never expected that Zen would eventually help Lavender get back her throne. His support for Lavender had given the Saint Spear Sect a glimmer of hope. That was the only way that Hailey would be able to obtain freedom.

When the news about Lavender had first spread through the universe through the Roaring Token, the Saint Spear Sect members hadn't thought too much about it.

From their point of view, it was impossible for Lavender to defeat Elena. Just as Elena had said, Lavender didn't even have the qualifications to fight against her.

However, as things had progressed, Zen had even managed to kill Gunter!

Not only had he killed Gunter, but he had also killed three of the other Supreme Lords as well.

Malachi was Gunter's son.

In the past few days, whenever Hailey saw Malachi loo

tage of the rules of the hall to kill that ace talent. Would he really be able to defeat an ace talent with his strength alone?

Janet, Hailey, Jeffrey, Coleman, and Ansel stood atop the city wall.

Malachi was the first one to leave the city. He stepped out of the city wall, and after taking a dozen steps, he turned around to look at Zen. Seeing that Zen had not left the city yet, he said, "Are you regretting it already? If you want to be known as a cowardly warrior, that's okay. If you continue to stay in the main city, I can't do anything to you."

Although Malachi pretended to be generous, he was nervous that Zen wouldn't want to leave the city. If that was the case, then he'd have to say something to provoke Zen.

The corner of Zen's mouth curled up slightly. "I have no regrets. I'm just waiting for something. If they do not come, perhaps it would be for the best!"

"What are they?" Malachi asked curiously.

At this moment, there were many small black dots floating over from both sides of the city wall.

"Kof, kof, kof..."

These were the few hundred small skulls. They were unable to enter the city, so they circled around the walls of the main city.

Now that Zen was on the west side of the main city, they naturally gathered together and moved toward him.

Zen let out a sigh. It seemed that it would be difficult to shake off these small skulls. Even after leaving the Hall of Causality, they were still able to follow him out. He really didn't know how they managed to do it.

"What the hell are these things?" Malachi was astonished as he stared at the skulls that were constantly moving.

As Zen stepped out of the city wall, all the small skulls swarmed toward him, but he didn't flinch in the slightest. He grabbed a small skull in his hand and pointed it at Malachi, a sinister smile appearing on his face. "You don't need to know what these little skulls are. You only need to know that since I managed to kill your father, I can also torture you a few times..."

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