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   Chapter 1628 The Unexpected Meeting (Part Two)

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Before Hailey could answer, she felt a hand touched her left shoulder. When she turned to look, she saw the expressionless Zen staring at Malachi. Then, Zen looked at her and motioned her to move back before he stepped forward to confront the disrespectful man. He answered Malachi's question, "Yes. Do you have a problem with that?"

"I see. So, this… what does this mean? Are you all going to help her?" Malachi's eyes widened, and he didn't try to hide the contempt on his face as if taunting Zen.

"Not all. Just me," Zen said coldly. "And it's not because of her. I just personally don't like you. You're too talkative and annoying. I figured I need to shut you up."

Zen's expression didn't change. He looked and sounded calm, but one could feel his arrogance through his words. He wasn't naturally arrogant, but he would never let anyone speak to his comrade that way. He thought of giving this person a taste of his bitter pill.

Malachi was left dumbfounded by Zen's words. He had never met anyone who would speak up to him like that. Moreover, he didn't expect that any of Hailey's companions would have the courage to do that after what they had seen. Either Zen was stupid or showy for doing so.

"Shut me up? Do you hear yourself? You're a funny guy!" Malachi said and then burst into wild laughter.

The warriors in Malachi's group also found it funny. They laughed like maniacs who escaped the asylum. Malachi's group was a mix of different races — the human race, Demon Night race, and the Night Group. Like Zen's group, they had also formed a temporary team with Malachi in the Hall of Causality.

It was a quite common practice, and the team with the best warriors would usually outdo others. The main city was the exit to the Hall of Causality where fiercest bat

If you want to see Death, dare to go outside the city so I can kill you. Don't worry, I will take my time on you."

"I don't think there's an ace talent in this group," one of his companions snorted.

"Ha-ha! That's right! They will not stand a chance. These are a bunch of weak and coward warriors!"

"Malachi! Don't set your expectations too high. I bet they won't even step outside the city. They will spend every waking day in hiding. I know cowards when I see one."

Malachi's group laughed once more as they gave their share of mockery towards Zen's group.

Janet and Jeffrey had enough of the other group's boasting and shallow mockery. Cold killing intent started to show in their eyes. Jeffrey took a step forward and was about to say when Hailey stopped him.

"Don't bother yourselves, please. I can deal with him by myself, and you should leave me alone. Malachi is an ace talent from our race. His strength is unfathomable, and he's the son of Supreme Lord Gunter," Hailey said in a low voice. She pursed her lips and forced a smile to console them. Although she wasn't open to them, she considered them as her friends and didn't want to involve them in her troubles.

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