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   Chapter 1627 The Unexpected Meeting (Part One)

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After being enlightened by the Dipamkara Buddha, Jeffery had only one thing in his mind right now — to find a place where he could put his newly discovered wisdom and knowledge into practice.

It had become his top priority — even more important than obtaining Illusion Points.

"I guess it's also time for me to leave. I'll see you around!" Hailey bid the others goodbye. Judging by the tone of her voice, she had no plans of staying in the main city anymore and she was ready to leave any moment with no intention to look back.

With all the words said, they all knew that it was the end of this so-called team. Short-lived as it might be, but they were all grateful for whatever friendship they had made. Indeed, all good things must come to an end.

While everyone was saying their goodbyes, Janet just stood there, silently petting the little flame kitten in her arms. When she noticed the sudden silence around her, she looked up and saw everyone looking at her. She then turned to Zen and saw the look on the latter's face as if asking her about her plans. She tilted her head, smiled, and said to him, "I'll just follow you around!"

"Why would you do that?" Zen asked. Zen was no master of concealing his feelings. It was obvious just by looking at his face that he was baffled by Janet's plan.

"Nothing fancy. I just want to watch how you will defeat other warriors, that's all!" Janet replied with a sweeter smile.

Although he was used to being alone, Zen also wouldn't mind some company. He figured that the Illusion Battlefield would soon change significantly so before that happened, he would keep on challenging other warriors. So instead of arguing with Janet about her decision, he would just let her tag along.

Besides, he intended to save all his energy for his end game. Despite having a very high ranking, it wasn't good enough for Zen.

His final goal was to complete the Illusion Battlefield. Looking back, Zen had already obtained interesting rewards in the Hall of Causality.

fought side by side with her in the Hall of Causality, they had little knowledge of where she came from. They didn't even bother asking because they respected her decision to keep that side of her to herself.

But today, they had finally discovered something about her background.

They figured that Malachi had something on her, otherwise, she wouldn't have tolerated his outrageous behavior.

But that part was still unknown to them. Would they ever find out? No one knew for sure…

Zen wasn't interested in knowing such things. He already considered Hailey as a friend because she was once there to cooperate and help him. Now, in her time of need, it was only fitting that he returned the favor.

He was about to move when suddenly, to his surprise, Jeffrey and Janet moved to Hailey's side. Even Coleman and Ansel, who were the timidest among the group, came to Hailey's rescue.

Malachi noticed the warriors that formed behind Hailey. He indifferently swept his gaze over each one. His disdainful eyes looked at them as if he could see through their souls. He looked at Hailey once again, locked his eyes with hers trying to intimidate, then his eyes moved to her chest once more. "So," he continued as he glanced sideways to Hailey. "They're your companions who passed through the Hall of Causality with you, aren't they?"

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