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   Chapter 1626 Choice

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It seemed to rain a cloud of dusty mist as the fine powder danced continuously in the air, and then gathered in the Teleportation Token.

"Is it successful?" Zen asked excitedly.

His heart pounded so ecstatically that he almost wanted to jump up and down.

He thought before that everything would disappear and he wouldn't be able to get any items after the Illusion Battlefield was closed. Now, he could even take the Teleportation Token with him! This was better than he expected. How could he not be excited?

A mark the size of an ant appeared on the corner of the Teleportation Token not long after.

It looked like it was indeed possible for him to take the Teleportation Token out of battlefield.

However, he still did not know if he could travel to other places by using the Teleportation Token.

If it turned out that he couldn't use the Teleportation Token if he took it out, then it meant that Zen would've wasted a perfect opportunity just because of it.

This was like a gamble, but Zen was willing to take the risk. After all, if the Teleportation Token proved to be useful, he would be able to freely travel around the whole universe by then.

"Huh? What is this?" asked Coleman.

He leaned towards Zen, his curious eyes fixated on the small Teleportation Token in Zen's hand.

"Whoosh..." Zen quickly stuffed the Teleportation Token into his space ring and said, "Nothing."

Coleman just stared at him with wide eyes. "So mysterious…" he muttered in disappointment.

Zen shrugged indifferently and simply ignored him.

Among their group of warriors, Zen was surprisingly not the one who found it the hardest to make a choice.

The one who felt the most conflicted at that moment, was none other than Janet.

Her body concealed a piece of Lofty Wood.

She could consider the Lofty Wood her life's treasure. Moreover, it was actually a living creature which had integrated with her.

Thus, Janet should naturally not hesitate to choose the Lofty Wood.

However, her arms were cradling the flame kitten. A trace of doubt appeared on her face.

She rocked the little flame kitten a bit, and thought that she actually wanted to bring it out of the Illusion Battlefield!

The truth was that the flame kitten was also a high-level Law Creature. It was extremely rare to find even in the Divine Flame World. Plus, it wasn't easy to catch a flame kitten.

On the other hand, her Lofty Wood was a legendary divine wood that was considered to be a product beyond the heavens. She now had the chance to duplicate and take it out, but she suddenly hesitated.

"Janet, why are you hesitating?" Zen asked.

He looked at her in confusion after he had put away his Teleportation Token.

Janet pursed her lips. "I'm thinking which thing I should take out..."

"Ha-ha! Why do you still think about it? You should choose the Lofty Wo

his city. Those who could enter the Hall of Causality were considered the best of all the main cities, which meant that those who passed the test in the Hall of Causality were extremely remarkable. They were either ace talents or second only to the ace talents!

Thus, it was safe to say that the ordinary warriors in this main city were destined to be nobodies.

When the first group of warriors that passed through the Hall of Causality emerged, they had carried out a slaughter in the main city. Those who were strong enough had fled away, and those who stayed were the weaker ones. They refused to leave the main city and simply remained there to watch the powerful warriors come out of the Hall of Causality.

Some of the strong warriors didn't care about the weaker ones. They all quickly headed for other main cities or set out to explore more hidden places.

However, there were still quite a few experts who chose to stay behind. Since the exit to the Hall of Causality was located in that main city, they believed that it was where they would encounter other experts.

It could be said that one's ability to steal others' Illusion Points depended on their own skills and strengths.

After Zen stepped out of the door of light, he glanced around and asked, "Jeffrey, Janet, what are your plans?"

Jeffrey's eyes flashed slightly. "I still have some things to digest. I need to find a quiet place to meditate and comprehend."

The Past Solemn Kalpa was a Buddhist scripture, but it was also a type of cultivation method. This Past Solemn Kalpa was different from many other divine techniques, as it was a common Buddhist scripture in the Blessed Buddha Land.

It was known that only a few warriors could truly comprehend it.

It was similar to the Gods-intimidating Strike. Countless warriors had spent even more than ten thousand years to comprehend it, but only Zen had truly mastered it.

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