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   Chapter 1625 The Illusion Became Real

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Jeffrey was undoubtedly lucky to have obtained the Dipamkara Buddha's guidance.

He had once failed in becoming a fully-fledged ace talent before.

But this time, he had the Dipamkara Buddha to help him comprehend the secrets of cultivating an indestructible body.

The numerous arhats Zen fought in the ancient temple all ended up recovering after being destroyed because they were able to rely on the Past Solemn Kalpa's power.

That was exactly what Jeffrey comprehended.

The things they found in the Corridor of Emperor were all extremely rare and valuable, which made them extremely happy.

True Gods' soul marks were in those torches. It was extremely rare for anybody in this universe to be able to find a True God.

But the soul marks were already good enough and made it seem as if it was the True God himself that guided them on their way.

Minutes after Jeffrey came out, someone laughed heartily in the corridor.

"Ha-ha! Have you all passed?"

Coleman asked, also walking out from the corridor with a big, happy smile on his face.

He had to hunch a bit since his big, muscular body had to fit through the ten-feet high corridor.

"I didn't think it would be so easy to pass through the fifth hall. The torches' illusions were frightening but were actually useless..." he said with a smug look on his face.

His words surprised everyone present.

The fifth Hall of Causality was not a test.

Because they would all pass no matter what they did.

In the process of exploring the corridor, all of them had to rely on their own means to try to understand the auras that emanated from the True Gods. This fifth hall was, in fact, a great training opportunity.

"How did you pass through?" Janet asked Coleman.

The ogre shrugged. "When I got sucked into the illusion, I just kept on running. When I ran, I managed to get rid of the flames. There were some times when I thought I was going to die but I always managed to leave the illusion just in time."

Zen, Jeffrey, Hailey, and Janet were rendered speechless.

The True Gods' soul marks would've also been astonished if they heard what he just said.

Jeffrey patiently explained the value of the corridor to Coleman. The ogre was stunned in silence for a bit, probably processing what he had just been told, before letting out a huge scream and running back to the corridor.

Unfortunately, no matter how hard he tried, there was no way he could re-enter. The Corridor of Emperor was only a one-way path and going back was no longer an option.

Ansel got out not long after. He did not intentionally restrain his aura but it was no

en, on the other hand, was still thinking about what item he wanted to copy.

He already had quite a few treasures.

And he wasn't really in any hurry to duplicate any of them. It didn't help that his greatest weapon was, in fact, himself and there was no way he could duplicate himself. The pink dot had made it clear to him that he could only take out an item and not a person.


he pondered to himself for a moment.

He probably spent a few seconds thinking before his eyes lit up.

'I'm so stupid. Why must I only consider the items I've brought in? There's no need to duplicate any of them, ' he thought.

There was no point duplicating the Thunder Wind Divine Sword or the Black Star. One was already enough for him.

However, Zen had a treasure that belonged to the Illusion Battlefield but would be extremely useful outside: the Teleportation Token!

If he had that then he could basically travel anywhere he wanted in the entire universe instantly!

He had been trapped in the fairy palace for six years, which was a really huge problem...

However, if he had the Teleportation Token, then not even a Supreme Lord would be able to restrain him.

The only thing he was having reservations with was the fact that the token only seemed to record the main cities of a supreme world within the Illusion Battlefield.

He wasn't really sure if it could be used outside it.

'I have no idea if this will work. This Teleportation Token is a special tool here in the Illusion Battlefield after all, '

he thought to himself but he still took the token out. He then reached up and crushed the pink dot. It was the same process as the dot shattered into numerous specks of dust and then floated towards his chosen item.

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