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   Chapter 1624 The Dipamkara Buddha

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Sword Chen didn't have much interest in the martial artists that passed through the Corridor of Emperor.

He had entered the Godly Way through Emotion Closing. He also knew that he had entered a path that was forbidden, and he had long since given up the idea of passing on the technique to anyone.

Therefore, even though there were quite a few martial artists who passed by his torch, he had never taken any of them seriously.

There had been a few swordsmen that were extremely talented. With their great determination, they hadn't flinched the slightest at any of the challenges from the rain of swords that had fallen, and they had climbed all the way up to the mountain. But in the end, they had all been chased away by Sword Chen with his Gods-intimidating Sword.

However, now, Sword Chen had met a guy who had comprehended the Gods-intimidating Strike!

Moreover, his level of comprehension of this technique was quite impressive.

He had comprehended 99% of it. With one more percent of comprehension, he would reach consummation of the Gods-intimidating Strike!

Furthermore, this guy had not only comprehended the Gods-intimidating Strike but had also opened 35 petals in his Lotus Flower. He would achieve consummation with just one more lotus petal.

In the eyes of Sword Chen, Zen was like a perfect jade with a missing corner.

And that missing corner was in his hand. All he needed to was to reach out and gently put the missing corner back. Then, he would be flawless!

As he received Sword Chen's praise, Zen stood rooted to the spot without saying anything.

After sizing Zen up from head to toe, Sword Chen asked, "Have you ever had a master?"

"Yes," Zen answered honestly.

A hint of disappointment flashed through Sword Chen's eyes when he heard this answer. However, he smiled faintly. He could be considered half a master to Zen as he had taught him the Gods-intimidating Strike.

"Do you know that the Emotion Closing Godly Way is a forbidden way?" Sword Chen continued to ask.

Zen nodded. "Yes. I got to know it a while ago."

"Then, do you know why the Emotion Closing Godly Way is a forbidden way?" Sword Chen asked again.

"I don't know."

Zen was, after all, only at the Soul Sea Realm. His current knowledge about the cultivation levels was limited to the Spirit Supreme Realm and those below it. He knew that a warrior who reached the Spirit Supreme Realm could create beings within their consciousness. As for the differences among Spirit Transformation Realm, the world lord, and the Supreme Lord, he knew nothing.

Then there were the various Godly Ways, of which he only knew the names. When it came to what they really meant, he was like a naive child facing the ways of the complicated world—he didn't understand them at all.

"It's fine that you don't know." Sword Chen did not intend to explain it to Zen. He only said, "Your Gods-intimidating Strike is close to perfection, but it still lacks one thing. Do you know what that is?"

Upon hearing these words, Zen's expression became extremely serious.

Six years ago, Zen had already practiced the Gods-intimidating Strike and reached 99% of its technique. But when he had slashed with his sword using the Gods-intimidating

it be that... in this universe, there have only been ten True Gods throughout the countless grand eras?'

Thinking about this, Zen quickly shook his head. True Gods were indeed rare, but the number of them could not be so low.

After traveling for a while, Zen saw the exit of the Corridor of Emperor. When he walked out the exit, he discovered that the six separate Corridors of Emperor converged at the end. Where he stood now was in a circular hall, and there were already other martial artists waiting here.

"Janet, Hailey!"

It turned out that the two female warriors of their group had already passed through the Corridor of Emperor and come out.

"Zen, we're so glad that you've come out!" Janet smiled sweetly at Zen.

The three of them looked at one another, only to discover that there was a slight change in all three of them.

This change was inevitable after they got some insight on the Godly Way.

Even if a martial artist hadn't found the Godly Way that suited them, as long as they had passed by the soul flames, they could feel the aura of those True Gods.

Perhaps the aura didn't mean to test one's soul, but it was still beneficial for martial artists.

"It was quite easy to pass the fifth Hall of Causality," Hailey said flatly.

"Which True Gods did you meet? I met the legendary Master Shiloh." Janet smiled with a hint of excitement in her eyes.

Zen nodded his head slightly and casually named a few of the True Gods he had met. This was not a secret that could not be revealed. However, Zen didn't mention meeting Sword Chen.

As they talked, a human figure flashed in the Corridor of Emperor. They all turned around and saw Jeffrey walking out of it.

Jeffrey put his hands together, slightly closing his eyes while mumbling something, as if he was a monk who had made great achievements. When he completely walked out of the Corridor of Emperor, he smiled at Zen and the others and said, "I've received advice from the Past Buddha…"

There was no such concept as Godly Way in the Blessed Buddha Land. What they called Buddhism was the same thing as Godly Way.

And the Past Buddha was the Dipamkara Buddha.

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