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   Chapter 1622 Illusion Of Killing Sword Mountain

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There was always a limit to the level of power that one could reach in the universe.

For example, when one trained in the Fire Law, the highest level one could reach was the tenth level.

However, Soul Sea Realm warriors could only cultivate up to the fifth level, Spirit Supreme Realm warriors up to the sixth level, Spirit Transformation Realm warriors up to the seventh level, world lords up to the eighth level, and Supreme Lords up to the ninth level.

This was the power of the limit. It was difficult to cross it.

There were still some Supreme Lords who had taken on the Heavenly Destiny of the Fire Law. They could cultivate the Fire Law to the top level - the tenth level.

Reaching this top stage meant that someone had reached perfection under this round of the heavens. But this wasn't the true uppermost level.

There were levels even higher than the tenth level. But the tenth level was one that most creatures in the universe couldn't even understand, leave alone aim to touch.

To reach higher levels, one had to transcend this round of the heavens and become a True God.

And not everyone could become a True God.

The Lotus Flower floating above the heads of many warriors directly hinted at the possibility of their crossing the heavens.

Each warrior trained in a different Godly Way.

There were the Five Elements Godly Way, the Snow Godly Way and so on.

"If I'm not mistaken, you've trained in the Emotion Closing Godly Way," Reggie said, studying Zen closely.

"Emotion Closing... That's a kind of Godly Way?" Zen asked, mildly surprised.

Zen had known a little about the essence of the Emotion Closing Godly Way, which was why he had been able to launch such an effective Gods-intimidating Strike. What he didn't know was that Emotion Closing was also a Godly Way. He had thought this to be just another method that he had comprehended from the Gods-intimidating Strike.

"Yes. The Emotion Closing Godly Way is an extremely powerful Godly Way. But at the same time, it is also forbidden," Reggie said. He paused for a second before continuing, "If you really succeed in cultivating this way, it will incite the gods into a fury that will burn you. It is not advisable."

Reggie looked fierce and powerful - a character who wasn't afraid of anyone in the universe. His craziness had given birth to the domineering aura he carried with him where he went and was why he had gained enlightenment and stepped into the Domineering Godly Way.

But he was visibly cautious when he mentioned the Emotion Closing Godly Way.

"Is that so?"

Zen said, his eyes flickering.

Zen's personality was completely different from Reggie's. He wasn't as arrogant as Reggie, but Zen's warrior spirit was way tougher and way more resilient than Reggie's.

Zen would think about it carefully, now that a True God had advised him, but he knew that words couldn't change his original intention.

Reggie could vaguely see what

with which he had merged the pinnacle of his comprehension of the Gods-intimidating Strike.

And it was said that this Supreme Lord was already missing.

If he had died, his Heavenly Destiny would dissipate and turn into a new Crown of Destiny again.

This obviously meant that the Supreme Lord Sword wasn't dead yet.

Now that Zen could see the Killing Sword Mountain here, did it mean that Supreme Lord Sword had become a True God? Had he become a True God through the Emotion Closing Godly Way?

Of course, this was merely Zen's speculation. There were probably other figures in the Killing Sword Mountain who had managed to become True Gods, and they might not be Supreme Lord Sword.

Zen felt that this was the most likely possibility.

Standing at the foot of the mountain, Zen looked up and spotted a faint figure standing at the peak of the Killing Sword Mountain.

"Alright," Zen murmured, letting out a huff as if preparing himself. "I will climb to the top and figure it out!"

Zen would try to pass this test regardless of whether or not this person was Supreme Lord Sword.


As Zen advanced, a long sword rose from the ground and shot towards him.

Only a mysterious weapon.

Zen stretched out two fingers and held the tip of the sword in place. The mysterious weapon could not move. Then, with a light shake of Zen's wrist, the mysterious weapon lost its spirituality.

He held the now ordinary long sword in his hand and walked slowly up the mountain.

When Zen had first climbed up the Killing Sword Mountain, every step he had taken had been a shock. Now, it was as if he had stepped into a danger-free zone. The long swords rose from the ground and shot towards him, one after another. Zen merely had to wave his hand, like brushing away stray twigs, to keep them off him.

But even though it was just an illusion and not the real Killing Sword Mountain, Zen was deeply moved, now that he had been forced to revisit it.

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