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   Chapter 1621 Reggie

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In this environment where everyone could only exist in soul form, what was seen was not the actual strength of a True God...

Instead, the True God put his internal momentum into the environment, letting the warrior comprehend his Godly Way by being within this environment; in effect the warrior was within the Godly Way!

Only one single warrior guarded the isolated city, yet he was able to fight against an army of tens of thousands of soldiers with a single saber, and he successfully fended them off!

There was a domineering aura contained in his ogre warrior's body that made his foes tremble with fear.

After the attack, not a single soldier from the ogre army was left standing.

Of course, Zen was the only one who succeeded in dodging the saber strike, though he had to hurl himself to the ground to avoid the deadly swing.

But the moment Zen got up from the ground, the ogre warrior's gaze fell on him!

Under the scrutiny of this ogre warrior, Zen felt a tremendous pressure build inside his very soul!

"Why don't you lie down!"

Even Zen's soul trembled uncontrollably when the ogre warrior roared at him in a voice like thunder.

However, there was a resolute expression in Zen's eyes as he swallowed heavily and replied coolly, "I didn't lose either of my legs, so naturally I wouldn't lie down."

"If you don't want to lie down, then you will kneel down!"


The ogre warrior swung the long blade in his hand and pointed it at Zen. Then the large saber moved downward with a fearsome sound.

The saber did not cut into Zen's body.

However, Zen instantly felt a strong pressure building behind his shoulders and trying to force him down!

Under the oppression of this enormous power, Zen's knees felt weak and limp. A fierce and domineering aura was contained within this pressure, and it was as if a mountain was pressing down on Zen's body. How could he possibly withstand this?

At this moment, Zen was in his soul form, and the power of this pressure was not a true physical power. Therefore, he could not use the power of the dragon scales to resist it.

"Kneel down and submit to me!"

the ogre warrior shouted.

The saber kept on moving downward, and the pressure also increased tremendously. Naturally, the force that Zen used to bear up against it also increased accordingly!

In the face of such strength, Zen still stood firmly on the spot with his legs planted. The pressure mounted, and his feet were being pressed deeper into the illusionary soil as the pressure threatened to overwhelm him. His eyes were fixed intently on the ogre warrior without a hint of compromise on his face. There was no give, no surrender, and no yielding in Zen!

"I do not kneel to the heavens or to the earth. I have nothing that I should feel guilty about in my life, so how could I kneel in front of you?" Zen coldly said, gritting his teeth, while still standing upright.

The ogre warrior sneered. "If you don't kneel down, then you have to die!"


The large saber swung out again!

An incredibly intense blade energy carried the formidable momentum of the weapon as it hacked down towards Zen!


Zen retaliated with tit for tat, giving as good as he was getting.

The huge sword that he had taken from an ogre soldier was too large for him to physically swing, but in this soul level battle, it was firstly a fight bas


One slash! Two slashes! Three slashes...

The thick dark clouds in the sky were all shredded by his saber energy!

After these last few slashes, the ogre warrior coldly said, "The saber is the overlord, and what I have pursued throughout my life is the domineering momentum of an overlord. I have relied on my saber to reach the Domineering Godly Way! And I have also acquired the unrivalled Godly Tile! My name is Reggie!"

After he had finished speaking, the thick clouds were sliced apart and separated. A ray of sunlight pierced through the clouds.

At the same time, the invisible blade energy descended from the sky, and gathered all over Zen's body!

"Buzz, buzz, buzz..."

Zen, on the other hand, pointed his sword at the sky, remaining calm.

The blade energy was extremely remarkable and potent as it fused with the heaven and earth. However, under this suppression, Zen remained unmoved.

Emotion Closing meant to sever all emotions and become nothing!

Zen was actually in a moment of extreme humbleness, and he was insignificant in the face of the blade energy descending from the sky; however, he gave others the feeling that he looked down on all living creatures. Even the strongest pressure was ignored by Zen!

"Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh..."

Countless streaks of blade energy descended, surging chaotically around Zen.

The blade energy gushed out like the turbulent current of a river, while Zen was like a boulder in the middle of the river, standing tall and unmoving. The gushing currents could not make Zen move even a bit, and they had to split upon him and separate in two directions...

After a long time, the thick clouds in the sky started to gather together again.

There was no more blade energy descending from the sky anymore...

Zen stared at the True God called Reggie. He had finally withdrawn from the state of Emotion Closing, and his eyes looked a bit brighter!

After Reggie noticed the change in Zen, he laughed loudly with a note of regret in his voice. "You're not suitable for my Godly Way! Furthermore, you already have your own Godly Way; but, the Godly Way that you seek to cultivate is destined to be a waste of effort!"

"Why?" Zen asked in confusion, after hearing Reggie's damning words.

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