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   Chapter 1620 The Overbearing Aura (Part Two)

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After the warrior transcended the heavens and became a True God, the heavens carved out the stories of her life.

As he continued through the Corridor of Emperor, Zen looked at the murals one by one.

Some of the murals included how the woman became a warrior, and how she was adored by the public. It also included a story on how she activated the Lotus Flower, and so on.

'Apparently, when she reached the Life and Death Realm, she only activated one petal of the Hinayana Lotus Flower!'

Zen thought to himself, unable to keep a shocked expression.

In the Upper World, the number of lotus petals activated was related to the ability to surpass the heavens. The more petals that the warrior would have activated, the higher chances for the warrior to transcend the heavens. To some extent, people consider it as something akin to a talent!

The one who could only activate a single lotus petal was perceived as a very basic talent. Even an ordinary tenth-grade sacred place would not view such an ordinary warrior as a core disciple.

The core disciples of an ordinary tenth-grade sacred place were capable of activating at least five to seven lotus petals.

As he continued forward, Zen began to understand how this woman became a True God.

Every time she experienced a Heavenly Tribulation, she would always activate a lotus petal. This only meant that she was able to activate nine petals of the Hinayana Lotus Flower, after she had experienced nine small Heavenly Tribulations!

When she was at the Soul Sea Realm, the Spirit Supreme Realm, and the Spirit Transformation Realm, she still activated a lotus petal for each Heavenly Tribulation.

In the end, all of the lotus petals belonging to the Mahayana Lotus Flower and the Hinay

ch lamp in the Corridor of Emperor recorded a True God's mark. These True Gods were all born of the same universe. It was through the Corridor of Emperor that the memories were never erased by the heavens.




The soldiers screamed and roared. They were storming towards the True God and Zen!

The first ogre warrior immediately charged at Zen. As his burly figure flashed before his eyes, Zen flicked his wrist and stole the giant sword from the enemy's hand. He quickly swung the sword against the soldiers. In an instant, Zen was able to behead a dozen of ogres with one swoop!

Almost just as quickly, Zen could sense a strong, dangerous presence behind him. He then bent his body and lay prone on the ground, in order to avoid it.


A stream of formidable blade energy spurt out.

The blade energy spread around, maintaining a distance of three feet with the ground. After Zen lay down, the blade energy almost touched the tip of his nose.

At the same time, the entire battlefield was consumed with the wails and screams of the tens of thousands of ogre warriors. The field had gotten violent and bloody very fast.

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